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Kuwait Calls for BlackBerry Porn Filter

Reuters reports that Kuwait is in contact with RIM about security and moral concerns. Kuwait is said to be particularly worried about access to pornographic websites for its nationals. Despite ongoing talks, Communications Minister Mohammad al-Busairi said the country has no plans to stop BlackBerry services.

"As of right now, we in Kuwait have no intention to stop the BlackBerry services ... but at the same time we are following up on direct and indirect negotiations with the company and with fellow Gulf states," Busairi said.

RIM has asked for four months to address Kuwait's request to block pornographic websites.

Meanwhile, the three wireless carriers in Saudi Arabia are currently testing a fix that would negate the need to disconnect BlackBerry services. Last week word on the street was that Saudi Arabia was contemplating using Saudi Arabia-based servers, instead of RIM's Canada-based servers. An official from CITC's technical department confirmed this yesterday.

"Three servers are being tested, one for each of the three mobile operators. We're waiting for feedback (from the telecoms firms)," the official told Reuters.

Source: Reuters