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HTC Finally Testing Gingerbread for Desire Update

A few weeks back, HTC made headlines when it said that it no longer had plans to release a Gingerbread/Android 2.3 update for HTC Desire users. The company claimed the Desire simply didn't have enough RAM to accommodate both Gingerbread and HTC's Sense UI. However, following backlash from users, the company issued a second statement 24 hours later explaining that it had changed its mind -- it would release an Android 2.3 update for Desire users and to make room, it would be cutting select apps from the release.

Though we still don't have any information on what's been cut, HTC this week said via an update to its Facebook page that it has begun testing the software.

"Hi all- We're excited to share that we are testing our build of Gingerbread for HTC Desire and will start doing quality assurance for it this week. When we have an update on availability we'll post another announcement. Thanks for your patience."

Still no word on when Desire users will get the update, but it looks like things are trundling along quite nicely. HTC said earlier this week that it plans to release the rollout timeframe for the new Gingerbread ROM for Desire early next week so we'll keep you posted on that one.