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Sony Subpoenas Geohot's PayPal Records

It’s been just a couple of weeks since Sony was granted access to the IP address of anyone who visited GeoHot’s website. However, a federal magistrate has now given Sony the green light to subpoena the PayPal records of George Hotz.

The subpoenas are part of Sony’s battle to have Hotz tried in San Francisco, as opposed to his home state of New Jersey. Sony wants to have the trial in California and if the PayPal records confirm that Hotz accepted monetary donations for the hack from Northern California residents, Sony might get its wish. Hotz, on the other hand, denies accepting any donations.

Wired reports that the electronics company has also won the right to subpoena data from YouTube, Google and Twitter accounts linked to George Hotz. Hotz is accused of breaking the DMCA and other laws when he shared the PS3 hack he developed earlier this year.

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