Some Galaxy Nexus Users Having Touchscreen Problems

The phone having launched in the U.S. last week, there's no doubt there are plenty of happy Galaxy Nexus owners that are glad they were able to get their hands on the phone before the end of the year. However, it seems some users are having problems with the touchscreen on the device.

Engadget points to a thread on RootzWiki in which users claim Google's latest Nexus phone experiences problems with multitouch functionality when playing games. User teh Jax says he can reproduce the issue 100 percent of the time and solve it by locking and unlocking his screen.

"To start off without the bug, unlock your device and use a multitouch testing app and it's good (pick pretty much anything that works and it shows it working just fine). To break it, run Heavy Gunner 3D by Com2uS (was one of the 10c apps) and use the two control areas for your two guns. Notice that the left one reliably works but the right one often doesn't work," writes on RootzWiki. "Once you've done the previous thing, exit the app and go back to your multitouch testing app and you can continue to to reproduce the problem by using the same two areas of your screen that I mentioned in the game."

Since he posted this little how-to guide for producing the bug, several other forum members have confirmed that their device also has the same problem. User Protonus then uploaded the following video to YouTube so others could see the problem for themselves.

Galaxy Nexus Multitouch Problem

The issue has been reported to Google but the Mountain View-based company has not yet commented on the problem.

Edit: Users on the Rootz Wiki forums are also having this problem with other games that utilize multitouch, including Pew Pew 2, ShadowGun, Gun Bros., and Samurai Warrior II. Apologies that this was omitted from the original piece by accident.

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  • zybch
    Doesn't this seem more like a bug with the Heavy Gunner 3D game rather than the device itself?
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    zybchDoesn't this seem more like a bug with the Heavy Gunner 3D game rather than the device itself?

    Yes, that's my thoughts, but remember, tom's is all about the iStuff, so they have to fabricate negative press on this thing...
  • Anonymous
    Sounds like there's a process that doesn't shut down properly. Or the OS isn't taking back control after the game quits ( and the game doesn't specially give it back either ).