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Image of Police Abusing Woman Sparks Outrage

Apparently, the Internet is in an uproar, although honestly, we didn't know anything about it until we came across this AP report. It seems that an image has surfaced online depicting a plainclothes policeman pulling a naked woman by her hair during a prostitution bust in central China. The problem here, obviously, is an excessive use of force, justifying the outrage.

According to China Daily, the image is one of many taken by local media covering the prostitution bust. The story originally ran last Thursday night on a news website run by the China New Service, however the report didn't receive web-wide exposure until mid-day Monday. By Wednesday afternoon EST, the story had reached a worldwide platform, almost taking a "viral" route.

Is it any surprise? News travels extremely fast on the Internet, especially when it involves illegal activity concerning law enforcement. The whole "don't tase me bro" situation is a great example, showing how the mistreatment of one student--one trying to debate with Senator Kerry in a public, open forum--led to a taser shocking his body. There's also the story about an officer using a police department computer to harass a woman for sex.

But what is necessary and what is excessive in regards to reporting and the Internet? As for the recently circulated photo of the officer and the alleged prostitute, the fight could lean either way: how can the police treat a "suspected prostitute" in such a harsh manner? Then again, how can an image containing the naked prostitute be taken and transferred to the Internet?

Ultimately, the Internet is like the old, wild west: untamed with lots of frontier to explore.