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Cell Phones Cause Rotting Brains... Again

A recent article at PC Magazine asks, is your cell phone melting your brain? For years, cell phone users have been hammered with talk that radiation stemming from the device and its antennae could possibly cause brain tumors. And for a while the threats of mutation and cancer have been somewhat minimal. However now a group of researchers in Scandinavia and Israel suggest that--while its too soon to know if users are at risk--there's enough evidence to warrant further investigations into the matter.

Dariusz Leszcynski, a research professor at the University of Finland, said that it's premature to say that mobile phones are safe. "In my opinion, the current safety standards are not sufficiently supported by science because of very limited research on human volunteers," he told a Senate Appropriations committee. He also added that the United States needs to dump more funds into cell phone safety research.

Another researcher, Dr. Siegal Sadetzki of Tel Aviv University, has studied the effects of cell phones on humans for over ten years. During that time, she has found a connection between heavy cell phone users and cancer. However, Sadetzki said that her results are not conclusive, and that additional research is still required. The problem, she claimed, is that humans have not used cell phones long enough to "draw any concrete conclusions." With cell phone usage booming in the late 90s and rapidly increasing each year, researchers simply need more time to test and gather data.

PC Magazine said that the US government is currently working on a long-term study of cell phone safety, however the results will not be ready until 2013 or 2014. With that said, who needs drugs when iPhones and Blackberrys will scramble our brains for us? By the time researchers figure it out, the general population will be mutants.