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BlackBerry Paid Apps No Cheaper Than $2.99

RIM has updated its BlackBerry App World website and stipulated that the minimum price for a paid application will be $2.99.

In the Developers FAQs, the Canadian smartphone company lists the tiered pricing for applications submitted by developers. Ranging from free to $9.99, one can’t help but notice the missing 99c and $1.99 tiers.

There’s been a lot of talk about this move with most people pointing out that the fun but useless apps are priced at the so-called magic price point of 99c. In other words, most of us don’t mind spending 99c on an app, even if we end up never using it.

99c apps aside, we’re more surprised about the omission of the $1.99 tier. Not offering a 99c app is more than likely RIM’s way of attempting to keep away the riffraff apps, which we do understand. However, jumping from free to three bucks seems a little extreme, especially during a time when people are really watching what they spend. A reader on Crackberry commented, “as long as it’s a great app, I don’t mind paying $3.” So what about the apps that aren’t great but still fun to play around with?

From our perspective, RIM is well within its right to put these kinds of restrictions in place, especially if it’s a move designed to help with quality control. On the other hand, developers have to pay to submit free apps anyway so it would be nice if they could make a little bit of money by charging either a dollar or two for their creations. What do you make of this news?