4Sync Cloud Storage Launches with 15GB Free Space

4Sync said on Tuesday that it will finally come out of beta by providing a live, six-minute demonstration of several new features during the DEMO Fall 2012 event taking place in Santa Clara, Calif. on October 1 – 3. DEMO is world-renowned for launching the most innovative companies in enterprise, mobile, cloud computing, consumer, social media and disruptive technologies.

Unlike competing services like Dropbox, 4Sync is powered by 4Shared running on Dell PowerEdge R710 and R510 series enterprise servers. Because of the low cost, this makes it easy for 4Sync to pass along the savings by offering 15 GB of storage for free up front.

"Our server technology allows us to offer more since we built our own data centers we can offer a lot more for free," 4Sync CEO, Anna Anisin, told Tom's. "As opposed to for example, Dropbox which is hosted on Amazon and makes storage come at a higher prices."

4Sync's North American data center resides in Dallas, Texas, and the other one is located in Haarlem, Netherlands. Combined, the servers offer a storage capacity of 8 petabytes. 4Sync uses various programming languages such as Java, C, JavaScript, etc. to be compatible with the various platforms on which it operates. However, a major part of the code has been written on Java.

According to the company, 4Sync is so easy to use, grandma will have no problems storing and sharing files. It also promises to "think bigger" than competitors by offering users the opportunity to buy massive amounts of cloud storage space for the lowest price per GB.

"Despite the frenzied competition in the cloud storage market, less than 9-percent of people online use cloud storage; even fewer use cloud storage on their mobile devices," the company said.

As with other cloud storage solutions, users can download a client to the desktop (Windows, Linux, and Mac) for automatically syncing files – there are even apps available for Android and iOS platforms for backing up mobile devices. So far 4Sync only offers two accounts: Free and Premium, the latter of which provides 100 GB of storage using four subscription models, as seen here.

Despite remaining in beta until Tuesday, the service has grown significantly over the last year. In August 2011, 300,000 users had signed on to use the service, and then the number jumped up to 900,000 users by November 2011. The user base more than doubled in the beginning of 2012, with 2,700,000 users opening a free or premium account. 4Sync reports that 10,000,000 users had opened an account as of May 2012.

"4Sync beta has grown from a small startup to a competitive cloud storage app," the company said in early September. "And you, our users, are an essential part of the history-making process. With our app you can safely, store, sync, stream and transfer media on all your favorite devices."

4Sync's biggest lure is undoubtedly 15 GB of free storage. While there's no actual price tag affixed to the free account, it does come with a price: limited features. Users must endure adverts, and there's an unspecified limit as to how much a user can download. Download speed priority is low, and there's no support for download accelerators, and support for resuming aborted downloads.

However freebie users will have an opportunity to add additional space at no extra cost. 4Sync was dishing out 15 GB of free storage to all beta users, and will continue to offer this baseline storage space. At launch the company is also offering a referral plan which will dish out up to 25 GB of additional space.

For more information about 4Sync, head here.


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  • sliem
    Java? no thanks.
  • memadmax
    Why don't they just call it "Pirate Storage" >_>
  • shqtth
    I had 25GB no my skydrive but microsoft took it away, and killed sync support for xp. I use to use live mesh.

    I never got an email from microsoft saying they were going to downgrade my account from 25GB to 7GB. So i never knew I had to click on a link.