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This Portable Speaker Takes Google Assistant on the Go

BERLIN — Google announced plans this week to open up Google Assistant to a number of new speakers. Mobovi wants to take that idea to its next logical conclusion by opening up those Google Assistant-powered speakers to more rooms in your home.

An IPx 6 rating means it's safe to have the TicHome Mini poolside. (Credit: Mobovi)

(Image credit: An IPx 6 rating means it's safe to have the TicHome Mini poolside. (Credit: Mobovi))

Mobovi is developing TicHome Mini, a portable speaker that, when connected to Wi-Fi, lets you tap into Google's voice-based digital helper. Otherwise, the TicHome Mini can double as a portable bluetooth speaker you can move from room to room.

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Just how portable? The TicHome Mini is 1.7 inches tall and 4.3 inches in diameter. It looks like someone who's particular skilled with a carving knife took a Google Home speaker and lopped off a disk-sized chunk of it.

Credit: Philip Michaels/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Philip Michaels/Tom's Guide)

At 9.7 ounces, the TicHome Mini should be easy enough to tote to whatever room you need it in, with an attached strap you can use to either carry the speaker or hang it from a peg.

While I didn't have much one-on-one time with the TicHome Mini during a crowded product showcase at the IFA trade show this week, it's clear the speaker should be able to handle anything any other Google Assistant-equipped device can take on, from answering questions to managing tasks and playing songs through Google Play. The TicHome Mini's Bluetooth connectivity means you'll also be able to stream music from Spotify, iHeartRadio and Pandora among others.

Mobovi says its speaker has an IPX 6 rating, meaning it can take a splash poolside or in the bathroom. The speaker's battery should gie you 6 hours between charges.

The TicHome Mini is part of a bigger trend of Google pushing its digital assistant to more speakers, appliances and other devices. Panasonic is adding support to its GA10 speaker, and Sony unveiled a Google Assistant-powered speaker at IFA too.

Credit: Mobovi

(Image credit: Mobovi)

While there's no set price on the TicHome Mini yet, a company rep told me it will cost less than $100. Available in four colors, the TicHome Mini is set to go on sale in October.

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