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Samsung Touts Prismatic SUHD 4K TVs

LAS VEGAS - When it comes to televisions, CES 2015 is all about seeing which company can generate the prettiest colors. Samsung's entry in the category is the SUHD (Samsung ultra-high-definition) line of TVs, which promise unparalleled color accuracy via Quantum Dot technology.

I had a chance to survey Samsung's lineup of SUHD TVs in Las Vegas, and if nothing else, the sheer variety available is incredible. It would take too long to list each model number and style, suffice to say that you can find SUHD devices between 55 and 105 inches in curved, flat and flexible formats. Each TV broadcasts in full 4K resolution and makes use of a newly redesigned, Tizen-powered smart interface.

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Consumers have two big questions about SUHD televisions: Do they look good, and do they look better than competing technologies? The answer to the first question is a definitive "yes." SUHD televisions have bright, attractive color palettes and incredibly detailed displays across the board. Even better: Since the technology uses standard LED screens, it will not drive up prices or power consumption.

As for the second question, that one is harder to answer. I looked at an SUHD side-by-side with a standard LED display, a wide-color LED display, a plasma TV and an OLED TV. SUHD's major competitor is OLED, which Samsung competitor LG has been pushing in its 2015 TV lineup. OLED's look as vivid, true, but its blacks are still unsurpassed. Furthermore, the OLED's colors were more lifelike, while the SUHD often looked supersaturated. A collection of red peppers, for example, looked almost purple.

Still, for videophiles who want to jump on the 4K bandwagon and don't feel like paying OLED prices, SUHD appears to be a perfectly serviceable alternative. Price and release date depend on which model you get, but the devices will start rolling out in early 2015 and continue throughout the year.

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Marshall Honorof

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