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Samsung Expected to Reveal Tizen TV at CES

Samsung doesn't just want to make your television set -- it also wants to control it. According to a CNET report, Samsung will be showcasing a smart TV powered by the open-source mobile OS Tizen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

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Samsung uses the Linux-based Tizen to power its wearables, such as the Gear Fit and the new Gear S smartwatch. Whispers of the Tizen TV have been circulating since Samsung showed off a prototype at the Tizen Developers Conference in June. The prototype gave us a promising glimpse into what Tizen could do for smart TVs. The clean interface let the user easily switch in between live TV, photo and videos, music and apps, putting regular programming and personal content at the fingertips.

Interestingly, the Tizen TV prototype had two types of remote controls. A physical remote used a touchpad to move the cursor on the screen, but we could also move our hands with the remote in front of the screen, and the cursor moved with us. That would be especially handy when playing games, but also makes it easier to control the TV's interface.

The other remote is an interface that anyone can access from a connected device on the same Wi-Fi network as the smart TV, effectively turning a smartphone or tablet into a digital controller.

The prototype we tried out at the Tizen Developers Conference worked well, so we're interested to see what Samsung will debut as its first commercialized smart Tizen TV. If it takes off, we could see television manufacturers such as Sony using Tizen to power their own smart TVs, saving them the hassle of developing their own operating systems.

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