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Samsung Showing Off Secret New VR Headset

Samsung has big plans for virtual reality, if the reports coming out of Mobile World Congress are any indication.

The next Gear VR might not need a phone at all. Credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: The next Gear VR might not need a phone at all. Credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide )

In a room away from the rush at MWC, Samsung is showcasing untethered virtual-reality headsets that can deliver content without any help from smartphones, PC World is reporting. While the devices were prototypes and might never find their way to store shelves, the company appears to be pushing the idea of headsets that can do all their processing power without help from other devices.

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Samsung is one of the many companies investing heavily in virtual reality. Its most prominent device is the Gear VR, a device that lets you input a smartphone into the headset and then engage with virtual reality. But Samsung is also said to be planning to expand its investments in virtual reality and could deliver some built-in support for the technology in its upcoming Galaxy S8.

According to PC World, the company seems to be focusing more on its line of Exynos processors and making the pitch to others that its latest Exynos 9 chip is powerful enough to power VR content when it's bundled in a headset.

Intel is working on a similar concept called Project Alloy, which essentially puts a computer on your face.

In the meantime, Samsung is upgrading the VR experience in other ways. Earlier this week, the company showed off a new controller for the Gear VR that will support more than 70 games.

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