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Here's Your Best Look Yet at Samsung's New Flip Phone

Rumors have been swirling that Samsung is working on a flip phone that could launch soon. And now, this could be our best look yet at it, courtesy of a leak out of China.

Credit: Martian

(Image credit: Martian)

A Weibo user who goes by the name Martian has published several photos of what appears to be Samsung's upcoming SM-W2019 flip phone. And although we can't prove it's the real deal, there are clearly some features in it that suggest it'll be big, bulky, and probably powerful.

The smartphone in the images comes with dual OLED screens. When it's closed, you can interact with one of the displays, but if you open it up, you can use both. There appears to be a hinging mechanism on one end for opening and closing the device and a dual rear-facing camera array on one of the sides.

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One of the ends of the flip phone appears to be thicker than the other, suggesting it's where the smartphone's components are housed.
Oddly, none of the photos, which were earlier discovered by SamMobile, show the smartphone open, so it's hard to tell whether the thicker part will be used as the bottom or top of the phone when it's open.

We've been hearing reports about Samsung's work on a smartphone for quite some time. According to those reports, Samsung's device will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and offer full-HD resolution on its two screens. The company will also offer a Scene Optimizer feature in the rear cameras to improve the quality of photos. Look for Samsung to ship Android 8.1 Oreo in the handset instead of Android 9 Pie.

It's unclear right now whether the smartphone in the images is really the real flip phone Samsung is working on. But considering the device has already been certified in China, there's a good chance its launch isn't far off.

Pricing and availability haven't been announced, but the smartphone is expected to hit store shelves in China and Korea first.

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