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Google, Huawei to Pay $10 Million Over Faulty Nexus 6P Phones

If you own a Nexus 6P and have had to put up with battery-related issues during your time with the device, you may have received very good news this week.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Huawei and Google have agreed to a preliminary class-action settlement that could pay out anywhere from $10 to $400 to each afflicted Nexus 6P owners, depending on which of the alleged issues each owner faced, and whether or not the owners have documentation of the issues.

The $9.75 million settlement is still pending approval by the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California. The court will hold a final approval hearing on May 9, and if the settlement is passed, users will be able to submit claims.

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There are two issues at the crux of the lawsuit. Some Nexus 6P owners complained of frequent bootloops, whereupon the phone would suddenly shut down and attempt to restart, but remain stuck at the boot screen and fail to properly launch for minutes at a time. Others dealt with accelerated battery drain, forcing the device to power down at random times, even if it had been recently fully charged.

If you purchased your Nexus 6P after Sept. 25, 2015, experienced bootloops and have the documentation to prove it, you could receive up to $325. If you had just the battery-drain glitch, you're looking at a potential reimbursement of $150. And if you experienced either issue on a replacement Nexus 6P as well, Google and Huawei (the phone's actual manufacturer) are liable to pay you up to $400.

Those who don't have receipts of their problems are eligible to receive less — anywhere from $10 to $75. If you were one of the lucky few who were sent a Pixel XL replacement device for your troubles, you'll receive no more than $10, according to the currently agreed upon terms.

For the record, Google and Huawei are still denying the Nexus 6P was inherently defective, and those who accept the settlement are in effect waiving their rights to lodge any case against the two companies concerning these claims in the future. You can browse the pending settlement form that explains all your legal rights and options here.

Nevertheless, if the settlement is approved, it'll finally put to rest a long, frustrating journey for Nexus 6P owners. You may also recall that the Nexus 5X — built by LG and sold by Google — faced similar criticisms, and that episode ultimately ended in a class-action settlement as well.