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4G-Enabled LG G Watch Rumored for MWC 2015

How do you make your smartwatch stand out in a crowded market? Untether it from a smartphone and give it the fastest network speeds around. According to Business Korea,  LG could release a 4G version of the G Watch R, called the G Watch R2, at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Spain.

A 4G-enabled LG G Watch R2 would be a big upgrade from the original G Watch R, which only uses Wi-Fi. It would also be a way for LG to one-up Samsung, whose recent Gear S smartwatch has network capabilities but is limited to 3G.

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If the "R2" name is correct, the new iteration of LG's smartwatch will likely retain its rounded design, which was a welcome change from the original G Watch. The device will likely still run Android Wear, which, while limited, allows you to get all your Android smartphone notifications and Google Now capability on your wrist.

The big test for the G Watch R2 will be battery life, as 4G will almost certainly use more power than Wi-Fi. The G Watch R lasted more than 2 days on a single charge, which is fairly good for an Android Wear device.

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  • azariah001
    Um... Excuse me? I call bullshit. No Android Wear device will ever have 4G because there's no point and last time I checked Android Wear had zero compatability with mobile network receivers because EVERYTHING goes through the phone first bluetooth and wifi direct are the only connectivity options on this sort of device, even if it could have a 4G system put in what would it use it for? It would have its own phone number which means it couldn't accept your text messages and calls directly even if Android Wear supported that (which it doesn't) they would have to run it in Tizen or a super customised Android instance to make use of the connectivity.
  • neon871
    ugly as a turd in a see thru biggie...........