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Big iOS 11.1.2 Update Brings iPhone X Fix

Apple is fixing one of the biggest iOS 11 issues with a new update, iOS 11.1.2.

Credit: Apple

(Image credit: Apple)

As with all previous iOS updates, iOS 11.1.2 comes with several bug fixes, including one that remedies a previously announced problem that caused the iPhone X's screen to freeze in cold temperatures. Now, it seems Apple's iPhone X display will remain on, even when the smartphone is in conditions that are considered too cold for normal, ongoing operation.

The next big update that we're expecting is iOS 11.2, which will finally delivers support for the 7.5W wireless charging speeds. The feature means you'll be able to use accessories like the Belkin Wireless Charging Pad to boost your iPhone X battery more than 50 percent in just 30 minutes. Apple announced 7.5W charging with the announcement of its new iPhones in September, but only launched the handsets with support for 5W charging. Adding 7.5W puts the smartphone in competition with some of its top challenges, like the Galaxy Note 8, that also come with fast charging.

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Arguably the most important upcoming new feature is iOS 11.2's newfound support for the long-awaited Apple Pay Cash. The feature, which was announced with iOS 11 earlier this year, will allow you to send cash transfers to your friends via iMessage. The feature requires that you have debit or credit cards attached to your Apple Pay account, and asks that you authorize the transaction through Apple Pay before you make the change.

Apple has been offering up iOS 11 updates in steady fashion since the iPhone 8 hit store shelves in September. The updates have largely centered on bug fixes and feature tweaks, and while the most recent update, iOS 11.1.2, is a small patch, the upcoming iOS 11.2 represents a sizable upgrade over the previous version that delivers many of the features iPhone users have been waiting on for months.

If you're interested in giving iOS 11.1.2 a spin, simply go to your Settings > General > Software Update and choose to upgrade to the new software. Apple will take it from there.

  • tony.mutti
    I think you jumped the gun on this. Apple released 11.1.2 not 11.2. 11.2 is still in beta (beta 3 I believe). Great summary of the changes though.