Yoshino’s B4000 SST – a game-changing compact power station at an unbeatable Black Friday price

A sleek Yoshino power station is used to power an outdoor event
(Image credit: Yoshino)

If you’re not quite up to speed with the latest developments in battery technology, we don't blame you. Processors and graphics get the headlines, but the daily tech miracles we take for granted are the result of massive improvements in battery life, power, and portability.

Introducing the revolutionary B4000 SST portable power station from Yoshino, the first consumer unit of its kind to make use of solid-state lithium technology, as opposed to the traditional lithium-ion batteries that are limited in both safety and lifespan.

And this Black Friday, this particular powerhouse can be yours for just $3,299 $2,499, a saving of $800 off the regular price.

That solid-state lithium tech packs in more power per pound than Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4), so if you're the outdoor type you can now tote around up to 4000W of output and 2611Wh of storage in a sleek, sturdy package weighing 54 pounds or less, and about the size of a printer.

That's a long way from pocket size, but throw it in the back of your camper van and you have more than enough portable power for the most demanding of family trips.

At the front, twin USB and USB-C power ports take care of mobile devices from phones to tablets. Even pocket-sized power packs can be charged up from this impressive mothership, for portable power ideal for heading out on day trips, camping, off-grid recreation and emergency home backup power. 

A pair of 12V DC outputs take care of more power-hungry devices like speakers, and the heavy-duty unit is thoroughly protected with an aluminum wrap-around handle with a soft grip finish for easy portability.

A Yoshino B4000 SST power station side view

(Image credit: Yoshino)

The front-end features a handy LCD display and bright LED light. Download the Yoshino app and you can keep track of power levels and consumption from your smartphone. 

Around the back is where the heavy lifting gets done, with a pair of standard AC outlets that can drive anything from televisions to power tools, a TT-30R RV outlet, along with both AC and solar/DC inputs. 

It takes just 70 minutes to charge the B4000 SST from 0-80% using a standard AC outlet, or 18 hours if you're using your vehicle's 12v cigarette lighter. Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers can even hook it up to solar panels and recharge to 80% in 4.5 hours with 600 watts of solar input.

Front and back views of the portable Yoshino B4000 SST power station

(Image credit: Yoshino)

There are benefits beyond camping too – the B4000 is a great deal easier to haul around than a petrol-powered generator, for example, making it a fine choice for running power tools on site.

It also makes an ideal uninterruptible power supply for remote workers or anyone whose regular electricity supply can be a little erratic.

And that solid-state lithium tech? It's a great deal safer than the lithium-ion equivalent. It's more resistant to overheating and far less prone to the kind of thermal runaway that's had flight attendants having to add new lines to their safety briefings lately.

All this makes it the ideal solution for power hungry environments, indoors and outdoors, off site and on.

And this Black Friday it's more affordable than ever, just $2,499, to bring all your power with you, wherever you are.