Why your next laptop should be a Chromebook

Asus Chromebook being used
(Image credit: Asus)

If you’re thinking of buying a new laptop, you should definitely consider getting a Chromebook. Unlike laptops and MacBooks that run either Windows or macOS, Chromebooks run Google’s lightweight Chrome OS, a unique operating system that puts performance, security and simplicity at its heart.

Unlike other operating systems that hog all of your laptop’s resources, Chrome OS is designed to be as efficient as possible. This means that Chromebooks are more affordable and perform better than many ‘budget’ laptops, while the battery can last for hours and hours. If you hate having to keep an eye on the battery life of your laptop while working on it, consider a Chromebook – you’ll rarely have to worry about finding a power socket.

Chromebook lifestyle shot

(Image credit: HP)

Chromebooks are also thin and light, making them ideal for students to throw in a school bag, and they come in a range of shapes and sizes, from large-screen Chromebooks that are ideal for watching movies on, compact Chromebooks for taking with you wherever you go, and even 2-in-1 Chromebooks that can be used as both a laptop and a tablet.

Chromebook lifestyle shot

(Image credit: HP)

Speed and simplicity 

Because Chrome OS is so lightweight, Chromebook boots up in a matter of seconds, and setting them up is simplicity itself.  They have built-in virus protection and automatically update, so you can browse the web in complete confidence that you’re safe and private.

You don’t need to worry about always updating your Chromebook or scanning its hard drive for viruses. Instead, your Chromebook will ensure your data and your identity are protected at all times, leaving you to focus on the things you love.

Just because they are lightweight and affordable, it doesn’t mean Chromebooks can’t keep up with other laptops. With access to the Google Play store, you’re able to install thousands of apps and games, including photo editors and streaming  apps. There’s also a huge range  of productivity tools, such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, that let you do pretty much anything you want with your Chromebook.

Chromebook lifestyle shot

(Image credit: Acer)

With built-in Google Assistant, you can easily use your Chromebook to manage tasks, alarms and reminders, so you’ll never have to worry about missing a meeting, deadline or appointment again.

Chromebooks mean that buying a new laptop doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Some of the biggest brands in the world, including Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus and even Google, have built a range of brilliant Chromebooks for a variety of needs and budgets. From simple, affordable devices to powerful and premium Chromebooks with stunning screens, there’s a Chromebook for everyone.

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