The Dreo Macro Pro shows you more than one way to benefit from an air purifier

Dreo Macro Pro HEPA air purifier in garden
(Image credit: Dreo)

If you don’t already have an air purifier in your home, it might not be entirely clear what all they can be good for. Or perhaps you already own one but aren’t sure of the many benefits they offer. The truth is that an air purifier can serve a lot of different purposes in their quest to deliver fresher air you can breathe with ease.

First, you should get a sense of the capabilities of an air purifier. There are basic models that might aim to just cut down on some of the dust and dirt floating around in your air. But with the Dreo Macro Pro HEPA air purifier, you can get a better idea of what an air purifier is really capable of.

The Dreo Macro Pro is a multi-stage air purifier that combines a large particle filter, an H13 true HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter to capture everything from dust, lint, and hair down to tiny particles only 0.3 microns in size. It can even soak up bad odors and volatile organic compounds. And, it’s so effective at filtering these particles out that it captures 99.97% of them. 

The Dreo Macro Pro pairs that with some serious airflow to make sure all the air you’re breathing has been purified. It can filter 183 cubic feet of air per minute. With this robust cleaning power, the Dreo Macro Pro makes a demonstration of the various applications for an air purifier.

Freshening up offending odors

You can set up an air purifier in a space that’s often guilty of occasionally offensive odors. In the kitchen, the occasional batch of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls or sauteed veggies may please the noses that catch a whiff, but if you don’t want your kitchen constantly smelling like bacon grease or frying oil for hours after cooking, you can run an air purifier in there to quickly bring the space back to neutral. It doesn’t hurt to have an air purifier handy when cooking takes a turn toward burnt and the air gets smokey either.

Combating allergies

A prime feature of the Dreo Macro Pro is its ability to tackle common allergens. Pet dander and pollen are no match for the fine filtration on board. When allergy season is in full swing, keeping the air purifier running can help dramatically cut down on exposure to these airborne allergens at home. While you may still face your allergies when you head out, there’s still a great benefit to waking up from a restful night of sleep and not already suffering from allergies. 

Cutting down on dusting duty

At any given moment, you’ve probably got a lot more dust floating around in the air than you realize. Eventually a lot of that will settle onto your furniture, appliances, and everything from books to A/V equipment and other electronics in your home. It’s unavoidable in the long-run, but an air purifier can dramatically slow the process by capturing a lot of the dust in the air. Every bit of dust that’s pulled out of the air is dust you won’t have to clean up elsewhere in your home.

Relaxing white noise

An air purifier can pull off double-duty by cleaning air and providing some calm background noise while you sleep. The Dreo Macro Pro provides a low noise level at just 20dB on its Sleep Mode, like a calm breeze. Since the system uses a minimal amount of power, only costing about 30 cents to run for a week at max power, you can rest easy leaving it on overnight to breathe fresh air in and snore it out as you please.

You can see all the benefits of an air purifier by getting one of your own. You can find the Dreo Macro Pro Air Purifier available from Dreo and from Amazon