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Optimize your server processing power on a budget

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a home user or a massive enterprise, getting the right balance of computing power for your money is a tricky endeavor. For small businesses, this is an especially important balance to get right, as a lack of processing power in the network can slow down operations, and the wrong hardware can hold back growth. Meanwhile, going with too much processing power will put a heavy tax on the budget while leaving some of the processing power unused.

When you’re working on the infrastructure for your small business, it helps to know you’re getting a server that will fit the budget you have today while still offering you room to grow for the business you’ll have tomorrow. Dell Technologies’ computing hardware has all the customization you need to make that happen.

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers (opens in new tab) offer plenty of flexibility when you get models with multiple CPU sockets, giving you more affordable options to start out with but also providing room to expand. The scalable servers will let you start small with single processors if that’s all you need. If you have a multi-socket model, you can add more processors as your business and processing needs grow. Dell Technologies offers servers that include up to four CPU sockets. You can also scale up memory and storage right alongside the processing power, letting you make sure you’re only paying for what you need.

Alongside these server racks, Dell Technologies also provides the infrastructure you need to maintain them. From the power supplies that keep them humming along to the racks that house them, Dell Technologies offers the hardware that can grow and the infrastructure the hardware will grow in.

It’s just a bonus that PowerEdge servers are also energy- and space-efficient. This will further help you maximize your budget, as it will take less consideration to figure out what to set aside for space and the power bill.

It’s not just servers that Dell Technologies has available to make sure you can get the most processing power from your business’s budget either. Just as critical as the server at the heart of your network are the machines end-users work from. Dell XPS and Latitude lines of business computers have substantial configuration options that will let each computer fit the needs of each user. The Dell Vostro line allows even more flexibility on the low end of budgets for lower computing requirements. This lets your business save on computers for users with light processing needs while ensuring those who have more demanding workloads get the processing power to do their work efficiently and effectively.

So, from the heart of your business’s servers to the machines each employee works on, Dell Technologies (opens in new tab) can enable you to maximize your company’s computing performance on any budget.

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