Experience the power of AI with the OBSBOT family of smart cameras

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Video calls are a fact of modern life. With more people working remotely, as well as students who have taken to studying via virtual classrooms and lecture halls, the need for high-quality webcams capable of high resolutions and accurate color representation is higher than ever. Since the inception of the video call for online chatting and livestreams the quality of standard web cameras has left something to be desired. While budget friendly, many webcams are limited to just a few megapixels of resolution with no support for white balancing or other basic features to improve their quality. 

OBSBOT has released a family of products that can let users say goodbye to grainy, low quality camera captures while ushering in a new standard for high resolution, crystal clear video even when live streaming or participating in virtual calls and meetings. Thanks to self-developed and patented AI technology the OBSBOT product family gives you the freedom of choice with how to approach your video calls, virtual classrooms, and online meetings. 

A lecturer in a virtual classroom, for example, may want to move around the room while broadcasting but most standard webcams are static. OBSBOT’s Tiny AI-powered webcams are situated on a gimbal and utilize the power of AI to accurately track the lecturer. Meanwhile a user who is hosting a meeting in a boardroom may want to consider the Meet series of cameras which can utilize AI technology to detect when a new face enters the room and adjust the camera’s zoom accordingly.  OBSBOT’s series of products are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the scenarios in which they may be most frequently used, so let’s learn a little more about them.

The OBSBOT Tiny series gives you the freedom to move

OBSBOT Tiny Series

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These impossibly small series of smart webcams includes the Tiny 4K, it’s 1080p counterpart, and the all new Tiny 2 from OBSBOT. These webcams are fitted with OBSBOT’s self-developed and patented AI technology while also supporting voice and gesture input controls. Thanks to the built-in gimbal system, the Tiny series of webcams can automatically track the face and body of the user, freeing them from the desk to move around in their recording space. This can be useful for lecturers and presenters who need to use visual aids such as posters or whiteboards during virtual classes, or even live streamers and other content creators who want to move about an area while recording segments.

The OBSBOT Tiny4K camera is usually priced at $239 while the Tiny starts at $149. From July 10 through 16 OBSBOT will be participating in Amazon’s Prime Day sale and the Tiny 4K will be available for $179 while the Tiny will be on sale for $129.

The OBSBOT Meet series is excellent for virtual business meetings


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While the urge to create can strike anywhere, there are more than enough people who are perfectly content to take their video calls and participate in virtual work meetings at the safety of their desks. For those folks OBSBOT has the Meet series, a surprisingly small entry-level webcam tailor made for the needs of virtual business conferences and online classrooms. The simple webcam is easy to set up, easy to use and still features all the perks of AI face tracking coupled with a super-wide field of view.  The Meet series is available in both 4K and 1080p variants and both cameras are capable of recognizing when a new face joins a meeting or classroom and expands the field of view to include those additional people on camera. 

The OBSBOT Meet 4K will get a whopping 34% discount during Prime Day making it just $99 while the Meet 1080 will also be on sale for $67.14.

The OBSBOT Me turns your smartphone into an AI-powered webcam


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For many users, a separate stand alone webcam may not seem necessary. Most people have an exceptional quality camera built into their smartphone just hanging out in their pocket already. There is one big drawback to using your smartphone’s camera as a webcam, though, and that is having to actually find a way to hold the phone. OBSBOT’s Me is more than just a tripod for your smartphone, it is capable of not just holding your phone camera but also tracking your movement while on camera via Smart AI technology. The OBSBOT Me is like having your own personal camera crew in a handy tripod for your smartphone.

The OBSBOT Me will have a 20% off discount during the Prime Day sales event, making it  just $119.

Join the OBSBOT family for yourself

Through innovative vision and self-developed AI technology aimed at improving smart camera functionality, OBSBOT has set out to change the way that we approach recording and live streaming video content via the web. Since 2016, OBSBOT has consistently made strides to become the leaders of the smart webcam market by creating a family of products that is well suited to the needs of today’s virtual environment. From virtual classrooms to live streaming OBSBOT has managed to tailor a camera device that can improve the quality of your video output so you can finally say goodbye to grainy, low resolution webcams.

All OBSBOT product series will be discounted up to 34% when you clip the coupon on Amazon from July 10 through July 16 as part of Amazon’s Prime Day event. On July 11 and 12 no coupon will be needed for the discount, so you can jump into the OBSBOT family for yourself and start improving your videos without any extra steps.