Beat the blues with the HONOR 90

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Is your phone giving you the blues? If it isn’t an HONOR, the answer may well be yes. Many of the LED displays in modern smartphones emit a lot of blue light, and there’s growing evidence that that blue light is messing with our sleep and perhaps even our health. 

When we talk about blue light we don’t mean blue light like the lights on a police car. What we see as white light actually encompasses a wide range of what are called colour temperatures, and they range from the cooler, more blue white you’ll see in many LED bulbs and in car headlamps to the warmer, more yellow light that makes you feel cosy in the evening. Many smartphones, tablets and other digital devices emit light from the cooler, more blue end of the colour spectrum – and that can be a problem if we get too much of it at the wrong time of day.

That’s why the brand new HONOR 90 and HONOR’s latest Magic-series phone, the HONOR Magic5 Pro, change the light they emit during the day. So why is that so important? Let’s find out.

What does light do to our bodies?

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Light plays a crucial part in regulating our circadian rhythms, which are the everyday cycles our bodies go through. When we wake up and go about our day, blueish light can help energise us: it can help us concentrate and focus on the things we really need to do. But later in the day the natural light becomes a warmer, more yellow colour, and that tells our bodies to start winding down.

The wrong kind of light at the wrong time of day can mess with that, and it can give us eye strain too. The same light that energises us at lunchtime can make it hard to switch off at bedtime, because it persuades our body to make less melatonin. That’s the hormone that makes us feel drowsy, and without it it can be harder to get to sleep and to stay asleep. 

All white light reduces melatonin a little, but blueish white light reduces it a lot. And that’s a problem, because without enough sleep our mental and physical health can be affected.

We can’t exactly stop using our screens after dusk: imagine not watching Netflix at night, or catching up with friends at the end of the day. But what we can do is make our phones smarter, and that’s exactly what HONOR has done with the HONOR 90 and HONOR Magic5 Pro.

How does the eye-comfort technology of  HONOR help you sleep?

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HONOR’s solution is simple, although of course the tech behind it is cutting-edge. Its latest devices have two special modes that are designed to relieve eye strain and help you sleep too.

The first is called Dynamic Dimming, and it simulates the changes you’d experience with natural light during the day, reducing eye strain by up to 18%. And the second, Circadian Night Display, automatically adjusts the colour temperature of your display as the day progresses – so it’s stimulating in the daytime and relaxing in the evening, helping match the melatonin cycle of a normal day. 

The HONOR 90’s eye comfort features are so advanced it’s the very first device of its kind to achieve TÜV Rheinland certification for its flicker-free, 3,840PWM Dimming display. Testing HONOR’s eye comfort features, leading academic Dr Glen Jeffery of University College London says that HONOR is taking an “important step” in the right direction when it comes to eye comfort.

Don’t let your phone give you the blues. Click here to discover how the eye comfort features of the HONOR 90 and HONOR Magic5 Pro can help you see clearly and sleep better too.