Barco ClickShare Conference provides the backbone for hybrid workplaces

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It goes without saying that the ongoing global pandemic has changed the way we live and the way we work. Every day that passes brings shifting advice and regulations for businesses while most of us wait for the vaccine.

As you continue to restructure your workplace to fit into this ever evolving landscape, there are many ways to connect your employees, but finding options that provide the flexibility to accommodate your business needs can be a real challenge.

The hybrid workplace

Although massive companies have relied on technological solutions to connect offices around the globe for years, now more than ever even small business owners need ways to connect their employees who would have previously gathered in the same conference room. You may be eager to get back to “business as usual”, but even with many governments lifting lockdown restrictions, the physical and mental well-being of the workforce sits at the top of the agenda when considering how to safely reopen physical work spaces. 

This has led many business leaders to adopt a hybrid model as they plan for a post-COVID world. A hybrid model, when built around state-of-the-art technology, can provide the best of both worlds. You can utilize the office space you already have or create new office spaces, all  while allowing for some or even most of your workforce to seamlessly plug in from wherever they may be, using whatever device they have on hand. The hybrid workplace is adaptable and future-proofed.

Enter Barco

Having been in the technology game for nearly a century, Barco has a well-earned reputation for innovative solutions throughout many industries, from healthcare to education, entertainment to business. Long before the pandemic, Barco offered technology to transform any room into a productive, collaborative space.

Whether attempting to reduce the number of people gathered in your workspace to comply with current regulations or to accommodate the different comfort levels of your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Barco ClickShare line has the right device for your connectivity needs.

Introducing the Barco ClickShare Conference

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Barco’s ClickShare Conference (CX), available through the Dell Store is a state-of-the art line of wireless presentation and conferencing technology. CX is triple agnostic, capable of running on any laptop, UC platform, and USB meeting room AV peripherals. With just one click, you can connect to all your meeting room peripherals in seven seconds or less. In addition to working with your existing meeting room technology,

CX supports the bring your own device (BYOD) model, operating smoothly on Windows, Android, and iOS, so your employees can use whatever devices they already have. This technology can be fully adapted to suit your individual business’s needs. With three different conference systems, you are sure to find the right solution for your team.

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Starting with the Barco ClickShare Wireless Collaboration System CX-20, this wireless conferencing system can transform small meeting rooms and huddle spaces, while connecting your employees from home to the office. Perfect for a Hybrid Workplace, the CX-20 includes full BYOD support and local view. It comes with one conferencing button, and you can add additional buttons onto this system or have additional employees connect through the ClickShare app. Both TAA compliant and featuring enhanced security, the CX-20 offers your employees the ability to:

  • View shared content on your own device
  • Take snapshots and add them to other applications
  • Pause the image shared in the room
  • Select which application or doc to share
  • Moderate the meeting and preview before sharing
  • Share and take notes at the same time with a second screen
  • Collaborate with annotation
  • And more.


If you’re looking to support larger meeting spaces, the Barco ClickShare Wireless Collaboration System CX-30 comes with a second conferencing button and can support medium-sized conference rooms. The CX-30 also includes all the features included with the CX-20 with the capacity to support larger spaces. It provides a seamless experience whether utilizing the conferencing buttons or the app, and like the CX-20, features enhanced security and cloud connection and management.


For the largest conference spaces and full HDMI support, there is the Barco ClickShare Wireless Collaboration System CX-50. The CX-50 eliminates the need for cables while delivering on crisp, clear HD video presentations. This is ideal for boardrooms and allows your employees to collaborate in superior AV quality, driving multi-content sharing. The CX-50 is delivered with two conferencing buttons and connects in just seven seconds. It integrates into your AV/IT environment and offers more inputs and outputs, as well as everything included with the CX-30. The CX-50 is as close to meeting in person as you can get. 

Security through Barco

Regardless which ClickShare product you decide on, you can trust the security of your business to Barco. All communications through your ClickShare system are authenticated and encrypted. Barco knows how important users’ security, privacy and confidentiality are, so all the ClickShare products have been developed with that in mind, both in hardware, software and even on a process level. 

Barco has processes in place to monitor and manage risks related to all ClickShare products and obtained ISO27001:2013 certification for this in 2019. ClickShare integrates several security controls in the development lifecycle, such as threat modeling, static source code analysis, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing. All of this demonstrates the security on a product technical level, in addition to consistently improving information security management of all processes involved in the deployment of ClickShare.

With your ClickShare, you will have access to security features such as customizing your own security levels, utilizing secure wireless communication protected by multiple layers of encryption and authentication, as well as additional verification mechanisms such as a random generated pin-code in order to share. Your ClickShare system will also deny access to different networks, which can be a major concern of IT departments when selecting a Wireless Presentation device. 

ClickShare aims for privacy-by-design in order to minimize or eliminate the amount of collected personal data. Your ClickShare product will not store any personal data in any way (log files or persistent memory), and your personal data will never be transferred outside of the ClickShare ecosystem. You can trust your business’s personal data will not be used or distributed. Barco wants you to feel as though you are always safe and secure while using ClickShare in today’s increasingly vulnerable cyber world.

Reliability for an uncertain future

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The best part of the Barco ClickShare CX line is the future-proof nature of this technology. We don’t know what next month or even next week will bring in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, but whether restrictions are lifted or put back into place, you can trust that your ClickShare devices will continue to provide the flexible and secure connectivity your team needs. ClickShare has been supporting businesses and schools for the past eight years and will surely continue to do so in the post-COVID world.