Your next smart TV should have these features, and MediaTek’s chipsets have them

MediaTek Pentonic 2000 chipset
(Image credit: MediaTek)

From binging our favorite shows to watching the latest blockbuster film in the comfort of our own living room, our TVs play a growing role in our lives. And in turn, the capabilities they offer can play a similarly expanding role, as they impact just how much we can get out of that screen. Understanding the new technology going into a smart TV and seeing the trends can help you understand what’s coming and what you might need in a new TV to be ready for future content, and we’ll help guide you through that here.

The display on your TV is going to be one of the essential elements to consider. You’ll find quality OLED, QLED, and even Mini LED and QD-OLED panels coming now that can deliver stunning pictures in 4K or even 8K. Which you choose will likely depend on your TV setup and budget, but you’ll find premium models with any of these display types. But, just how well you can take advantage of the panel is going to come down to the smarts inside the TV, and that’s where MediaTek comes in. 

At the heart of your smart TV is an integral chip that makes everything possible, and MediaTek is the No. 1 provider of these chipsets for smart TVs, providing the chipsets behind 90% of the small TV brands and powering over two billion TVs globally. And it’s the features powered by these chipset that you should be taking into account when considering your next smart TV. 

Display Power

Display features like 4K/120Hz and 8K don’t just come from the panel itself, as they also require the support of the chipset. MediaTek’s new Pentonic 2000 chipset is capable of next-level performance to support even 8K/120Hz displays for the sharpest and smoothest picture possible. It even supports picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes to let you simultaneously display content from multiple sources at high resolutions.

MediaTek Pentonic 2000 chipset

(Image credit: MediaTek)

Smarts for the picture and beyond

Getting a great picture isn’t as simple as getting a great display. There needs to be intelligence behind it all. MediaTek can deliver AI capabilities to improve image quality while you watch. This technology can be especially helpful when the content you’re watching doesn’t match the display, such as if you’re watching a TV broadcast in HD on an 8K TV — the chipset steps into scaling the picture up to look like it was made for your display. 

The smarts can also go into helping you find content and control your TV. With more advanced AI onboard and faster processing, TVs powered by Pentonic 2000 make voice control that much snappier and more reliable. 

Robust connectivity

With broadcast TV, video games, streaming platforms, and local media playback, there’s an ever-growing number of ways we may want to pipe content into our TVs. So, you’ll want to ensure you’re prepared with the latest tools for connectivity.

HDMI 2.1 provides 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz support over wired connections to your TV, letting you make the most out of game consoles, computers, and media center devices that may be connected. Wi-Fi 6E is the latest in wireless connectivity, providing major speeds so you can keep your TV connected to the internet without a cable while still being able to enjoy a superior image from streaming services. 

With advanced casting capabilities like UltraCast, you can even wirelessly share content from your phones and tablets at high quality.

All of these technologies can add together to create an exceptional smart TV, and all of them are enabled by the MediaTek Pentonic 2000 chipset. So, when you’re looking for your next smart TV, look for MediaTek.