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Dell office setup
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One of the downsides of working from home is that you don’t have as much access to all the same tools you did at the office. Shifting your work environment to your house means you most likely need to add a few things to your desk to complete your setup. 

Thankfully, Dell, the name you know and trust to make great, high-quality computers, also makes premium accessories for everything you need. 

Conference calling

Video calls are an integral part of work life now and we’ve all experienced the frustration of not being able to hear or see our co-workers clearly when in an important meeting. 

One of the best ways to make sure everyone on your calls can hear and see everything you’re saying is with a headset designed for video calls. Dell has many great headset options but the Pro Wireless and Premier Wireless ANC are two of it’s best. 

Dell premier wireless headset

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The Pro Wireless headset is certified to work with Microsoft Teams so you always have crystal clear audio on video calls and can seamlessly switch between your PC, tablet, or smartphone so you can experience the same quality on every device. 

The Premier Wireless ANC headset gives you active noise cancellation to drown out distractions in your home and if you need to step away from your computer, it will automatically mute your call when you remove the headset and unmute it again when you put it back on.

For the times when you do need to be in the office, speaker phones tend to work best for conference calls. Even if you don’t go into the office anymore, but just don’t like using headsets for every call, the Mobile Adapter Speakerphone is worth looking at.  

Dell speakerphone

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In addition to offering crystal clear calls, it also doubles as a USB-C hub for your computer with an HDMI port and two USB-A ports so you can connect all your other stuff, all from one device. And the intuitive touch controls on the top let you seamlessly answer calls, hang up, and adjust the volume. Best of all, it’s portable so you can take it with you wherever you are working for the day.

No conference call setup would be complete without a webcam and Dell’s Ultrasharp Webcam offers 4K resolution and an adjustable field of view to make sure you never miss a thing on your next conference call. 

Work station

Laptops are great for when you’re on the go, but at your desk, you need a range of devices to help you be as productive as possible. The most efficient workstations start with the docking station. 

The Dell Docking Station gives you 180W of energy to power all your devices and enough ports to ensure you can connect everything you need. The ExpressCharge feature uses up to 130W of power to quickly charge your devices giving you an 80% charge on a compatible laptop in just one hour so by the time you’re done with your meeting, you’re ready to go.  

Dell’s docking station is also one of the only ones to offer a modular design so you can swap in extra USB-C ports or a Thunderbolt port to get your setup just how you need it. 

No workstation would be complete without a keyboard and mouse and Dell’s Premier Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is a great way to round out your workstation. This keyboard and mouse combo is built from high-quality materials and is very customizable to fit seamlessly into your workflow. 

The entire function row on the keyboard can be customized to the keystrokes you use most and can be connected to up to three different devices so you can quickly switch between your laptop, tablet and smartphone with just one button. 

No matter where you work, or what setup you need to do your best work, Dell has all the best accessories you need to work better. 

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Dell Premier Wireless ANC Headset

For crystal-clear audio quality on your video calls and smart features to automatically mute and unmute your calls, this is the one you need. 

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Dell Pro Wireless Headset

The Pro Headset is certified to work with Microsoft Teams and can switch seamlessly between all your devices so you never miss a call.

Get yours today for $162.79


Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone

If you’re often on calls with other people in the room, or you just prefer to not use a headset, this speakerphone is a great option. It’s portable and offers a range of ports so it can double as a mobile docking station while on the go. 

Get yours today for $147.99


Dell Docking Station

This docking station is the perfect foundation for your at home workstation. With plenty of ports to connect everything you need, 180W of power to keep you charged up and a modular design to give you even more options, this dock is hard to beat.

Get yours today for $274.99

Dell ultrasharp webcam

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Dell Ultrasharp Webcam 

Make sure you coworkers get the complete picture with this ultrasharp webcam capable of broadcasting in 4K resolution. Manage your image, field of view, and more with the Dell Peripheral Manager software for PCs. Toggle on AI Auto tracking and see what makes this the world’s most intelligent 4k webcam

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Dell Premium Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Experience superior multitasking features with a stylish and comfortable premium keyboard and mouse combo. Complete your tasks powered by one of the industry’s leading battery lives at up to 36 months.

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