UNiDAYS offers big savings on all the tech you need for college.

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One of the best ways to help you succeed at school this fall is to make sure you have all the tools you need to get your work done. These days, the right tools include everything from a laptop or powerful tablet like the new iPad Pro to headphones and speakers to help you study and (let’s be honest) party a bit too.

The hard part is finding all the stuff you need at prices you can afford. With tuition, books, food, lodging, and all the other things you have to buy for school, saving every dollar you can is vital. 

UNiDAYS has all the best deals on the latest tech from your favorite brands exclusively for college students.

Get big discounts on the biggest brands

UNiDAYS provides instant access to student discounts on pretty much anything, all you need is your college or university email. The discounts in their tech section are particularly impressive. For example, you can get $100 off Apple’s range-topping MacBook Pro and a whopping 25% off Logitech products.

Start every day dancing

UNiDAYS discounts aren’t just on the tech you need for studying and lectures. You can save big on the fun stuff too, such as the brilliant Sonos One smart speaker. It sounds spectacular, works with your phone, laptop or tablet and with UNiDAYS it’s 15% cheaper. And the music doesn’t stop when you walk out the door. There are big discounts on earbuds and over-ear headphones from brands such as Apple, Samsung and B&H Photo-Video too.

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Top tech for smarter studying

Whether it’s a tablet for touching up photos, a Chromebook for coding or a MacBook for making videos, a tablet, laptop or 2-in-1 hybrid is a must-have for college life. You can pick up the brand new MacBook Air and the super-fast MacBook Pro with student savings. You’ll also find amazing  discounts on ultra-portable Chromebooks, affordable Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (with their education discount program) and Apple’s iPad, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is great for students as it enables you to scribble down details in lectures as well as create amazing illustrations on your iPad.

Tablets are a particularly good choice for college. With products like Apple’s iPad Pro packing the same cutting-edge hardware as high-end laptops there’s no need to compromise between portability and performance, and they’re as useful for lectures as they are for lounging around. In a recent UNiDAYS survey, 5,000 students named tablets as one of the top five devices they wouldn’t want to be without.

If you’re going for a laptop, a second display is a really worthwhile accessory. Instead of wading through mountains of browser tabs and notes or trying to watch big blockbusters on a small screen you can give Netflix the big-screen treatment and be much more productive when you’re researching or studying. You can also find a really good monitor for much cheaper than a TV. UNiDAYS members can get 10% off a pin-sharp, ultra-slim 27” Dell monitor.

Spend less time in the library

If you’d rather not depend on the printers in the library every time you need to print off coursework or concert tickets, the HP Deskjet range is even more affordable  – and the running costs are much lower too, with UNiDAYS members getting up to 15% off the cost of ink. You don’t necessarily need a computer, either. HP’s excellent app enables you to print wirelessly from your tablet or smartphone.

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WIN a $500 Apple Gift Card

“As if saving you serious money on your favorite tech brands wasn’t enough, UNiDAYS is giving one lucky reader the chance to win the ultimate university tech giveaway before the semester starts. Click on the link to enter for a chance to win a $500 Apple Gift Card.