The Sport & Outdo Mifo S true wireless earbuds provide stylish comfort for active lifestyles

The MIFO Technology Sport & Outdo Mifo S true wireless earbuds
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True wireless earbuds are all the rage. But earbuds come in a variety of shapes and designs, with an array of features that often require tradeoffs among size options and sports-friendly features. MIFO Technology Sport & Outdo Mifo S solves this quandary by delivering the best of all worlds in a small, lightweight, and waterproof earbud.

Did we mention these earbuds are small and light? Where other true wireless earbuds look – and feel – bulky, the in-ear MIFO S earbuds are svelte and comfortable. Each earbud measures 24mm long, and 13.5mm wide, and weighs just 3.5 grams. The ergonomically designed earbuds have a molded ear wing with a gentle curve to secure them in place – even during vigorous sports or exercise activities. The package includes four anti-bacterial silicone ear tips to help you find the perfect fit.  

The MIFO Technology Sport & Outdo Mifo S true wireless earbuds

(Image credit: Sport & Outdo)

These buds are so small and comfy they’re billed as appropriate for side-sleepers to use during slumber. The MIFO S even has a dedicated “Sleep Mode,” during which you can use the earbuds’ noise-cancellation without it being connected to a device. During Sleep Mode, ambient room sounds will be blocked out to enhance your sleep quality.

The circular surface on the earbuds provides full touch controls for call and audio playback: volume, answer/end call, play/pause music, and next and previous song. You can also activate noise cancellation, Sleep Mode, or low-latency mode for a smoother experience during gaming.

The MIFO S earbuds can accompany you on any life adventure, as the buds’ design is both IPX6 dirt and dust resistant and IPX7 water-resistant. Sweat droplets? The spray of waterfalls? Sand from the desert? No problem – the MIFO S earbuds can handle these challenges and more.

The included pocket-friendly compact charging case weighs 71 grams and charges via USB-C. Flick the button to pop open the lid; inside, three LED lights indicate remaining battery time.

S&O by MIFO S builds on the audio technology honed in previous iterations like the mifo O5 plus, the O5 Plus Gen 2, and the mifo O7. The MIFO S’ compact design packs in three speaker drivers and the earbuds also use Bluetooth 5.2 for optimized, distortion-free wireless streaming.

Also of note: These tiny earbuds cram six microphones inside their tight space to provide two levels of active noise cancellation up to -30dB. This translates to clear voice conversations and clean music or podcast playbacks.

The MIFO Technology Sport & Outdo Mifo S true wireless earbuds

(Image credit: Sport & Outdo)

The MIFO S earbuds have a competitive battery life, with 6 hours from the buds and another 34 hours from the charging case. In Sleep Mode or with strong noise cancellation, that drops to 4 hours; and Transparent noise cancellation for ambient pass-through noise falls in between, at 5 hours.

You won’t be compromising style with the Sport & Outdo MIFO S. Choose from among five distinctive colors — black green (with unique motivational lettering highlighting different sports and activities), black, blue, green, and white. 

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