3 reasons to sign up for HP’s Instant Ink plan

A man opens a packet of HP Instant Ink in his office
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Here’s why almost 11 million customers are already using the Instant Ink subscription service to have ink or toner cartridges shipped straight to their front door without lifting a finger.

Spend less money and time 

What's more important? Time or money? It's an age-old question, but now you don't have to choose. HP Instant Ink plans save you both.

Whether you’re printing out travel tickets, contracts that need an urgent signature, or hard copies of important documents, the flashing ‘low ink’ light is never a welcome sight.

The HP Instant Ink subscription streamlines the delivery process, making printers smart and ensuring you never have to see that warning light again.

How does it work? Your printer monitors how much ink or toner is left in your cartridge. Whenever you get low, more is automatically delivered to your door right before you run out. Simple.

Plans start at just $0.99 and are based on how many pages you print each month, not the amount of ink used. This saves you hundreds of dollars a year and allows you to print with as much color as you want, without worrying about using too much ink. You can even keep track of it all via your cell phone by using the HP Smart app.

Delivery is free and you can change, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. With HP Instant Ink you’ll never run out of printer ink again.

A packet of HP Instant Ink sits on a desk next to a printer and cup of coffee

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The recycling's done for you 

Typically, recycling your used ink cartridge can be a bit of a bind. Finding big box retailers or recycling programs that accept them, or just finding the time to make the diversion, means cartridges often end up in the general trash.

All HP Instant Ink and toner deliveries include a prepaid postal bag to take the headache out of recycling. Just put your used cartridge in the bag, seal it up and drop it off at your nearest mailbox. 

You can even add reams of paper to your subscription, too. All HP North American paper is FSC® certified so you can be assured it’s sourced from responsibly managed forests for a Forest First future (try saying that fast).

Read more about HP's commitment to protecting, improving, and restoring forests worldwide here

A woman picks up an HP Instant Ink delivery from her doorstep

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Brains made brilliant 

Study after study has shown that people learn better by reading on paper rather than a screen. Contrary to popular predictions, bookstores did not go out of business with the launch of portable wireless electronic reading devices (AKA e-readers).

While online, the human brain skims and scans – navigating links and sliding over pop-ups to find what it’s searching for. Unsurprisingly, with so much always vying for attention, digital reading can often lead to a loss of depth.

Reading hard copy means more information is retained for longer, an important part of maintaining your brain in the digital age.

It's the original smart device, after all.

HP Instant Ink then, for peace of mind, for your pocket, and for the planet. Ticking all those boxes has never been easier.

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