Don’t miss a beat working from home with Canon scanners

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Shifting to working from home doesn’t mean the flow of paperwork has stopped. Many of us still rely on physical documents to do our jobs, and being out of the office sometimes means we don’t have access to the same tools we normally have, like scanners and copiers. 

Thankfully, useful machines like document scanners have become much more portable and affordable so they are easy to buy and can go with you anywhere. 

Canon is a household name in the world of document scanners and its wide variety of reliable models help you keep track of your documents no matter where you are. 

Although our world has gone increasingly digital, many times physical documents are still an important part of the job. The challenge can be that documents come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to be able to tackle everything with one machine.

Canon scanners can handle almost any type of document, including business cards, ID cards, insurance cards, drivers licenses and more. Some models can scan passports as well if you need that. Almost any document you need to work with can be scanned with a Canon scanner.

Canon scanners are super useful!

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A lot of documentation today needs to be digitized so it can be shared or stored, without losing any of the vital information on the document. Canon’s scanners let you scan both sides of any document at the same time in color, black & white and greyscale so you can capture every detail and quickly share it with whoever you need to.

The new hybrid work environment means that everyone is more spread out so documents and information have become decentralized. It’s much harder to check a document or form at your desk if you're not at your desk. Scanners are a great way to create electronic files of important information that you can store and access from anywhere. 

Once you have your files, you need to be able to interact with and share them easily. Canon’s scanners interact seamlessly with all the document software you already use so you don’t have to learn a new workflow or waste time with proprietary software. Simply scan your document and instantly have a PDF that you can edit in Adobe Acrobat, or import directly into Microsoft Office. 

Having digital copies of important documents is also vital for safekeeping. We’ve all been unable to find our most important documents when we most need them. With a Canon scanner, you can digitize all your most important documents so you can easily find them. 

Everyone’s needs are different and Canon has something that fits your workflow, no matter what you need. If you work with large amounts of important documents that need to be digitized in batches, their high-performance desktop scanners are a great option.

If you’re a mobile warrior who needs to scan business cards, contracts, receipts or anything else while you’re out on the road, they have two mobile scanners that fit in a bag and can be plugged right into your computer, ready to go in seconds. 

Many of us may have changed where we work from, but that didn’t change the need for us to be able to manage important documents. Canon has the scanners you need to adapt to your new normal workflow without missing a beat. Check out all their scanners at their website. 

Canon has a wide range of reliable scanners

Whether you need to digitize large batches of documents for safekeeping, or scan a variety of things to store and search later, Canon has a scanner to meet your needs. 

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