Your complete smart home renovation is just a few clicks away on eBay

woman controlling home digital touch screen
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Getting a smart home set up can be a bit of a challenge. The capabilities it offers make it worth the effort, but having to chase down products from a ton of different stores doesn’t have to be a part of the challenge. eBay has a broad range of smart home devices like security cameras, smart speakers, and smart lights from top brands like Google, Nest, and Arlo. And, on top of making it easy to get products directly from these trusted brands all in one place, eBay also makes it easy to get a great price.

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Eufy Cam 2 Pro

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One of the first things to give some smarts in your smart home is the exterior. With smart home security cams like those available from Eufy and Arlo, you can keep an eye on your home and get live notifications anytime the cameras spot something. eBay’s certified refurbished program also makes it especially easy to get a great deal on Arlo cameras that are as good as new.

Arlo Doorbell

(Image credit: Arlo)

While you’re securing the outside of your home, you’ll also be able to find great deals on smart locks that will make it easy to check that the doors are shut and locked  even if you’re halfway around the country. And, with a smart video doorbell, you virtually answer the door or leave instructions for delivery persons even if you’re not at home.

Nest thermostat

(Image credit: Nest)

Grabbing a smart thermostat is a solid way to keep your energy bills in check during the hot summer months and cold winter months. With a smart thermostat, like the popular Nest or Ecobee models, you can have the temperature automatically adjust around your schedule or only kicking in when you’re home and actually need the home to feel comfortable. And, the savings a smart thermostat can offer just come on top of the savings eBay offers on your purchase.

Nest Hub 2

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If you’ve decked out your home with smart locks, smart plugs, and smart light switches, you’ll still need a handy way to control them all. While you can do that with apps on your phone, eBay’s deals on smart speakers make it so much easier. eBay offers a broad range of Google Nest speakers as well as Amazon Alexa speakers, so all you have to do is use your voice to turn on the lights, unlock the door for a guest, or turn up the air conditioning. 

Shopping for your smart home gadgets through eBay is a no-brainer. With frequent deals available, a dependable Certified Refurbished program, and products available to buy directly from popular brands,  you can’t go wrong. So, hop over to eBay’s smart home storefront and see what your home needs.