Watch Out Spotify: Amazon Reportedly in Talks for Music Subscription Service

Spotify's recent successes have turned quite a few heads. There have been rumblings that Google and Apple are working with record labels to offer up their own take on music streaming. Recently, Beats Electronics, the company behind Dr. Dre's popular Beats headphones, raised a hefty sum of $60 million to launch Daisy, a rival music streaming service.

Now, it seems like Amazon, not content to solely be the web's biggest retailer, is looking to jump into the business too. Though there's nothing concrete yet, Amazon's apparently in talks with record labels for a service that’s similar to Spotify. If that is the case, it can build the new service off of the already existing Cloud Player and cloud music storage.

Here's to hoping that Amazon Prime members get the new streaming service premium, whatever that may be… and if anything ever comes of these talks, for free.

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  • viper666
    We need a place to download (legally) cheaper than in-store music without DRM. The costs are less with internet releases, so that should be reflected in the prices we pay. Until the labels and distributors start changing their mentality this is just water under the bridge as we don't OWN anything we pay for. Not a bad thing for Amazon (more profit) but it's not improving anything really.
  • STravis
    If you want to own things, you'ld be amazed what bargains you can find at your local thrift store. People turn CD's in all the time. The last thing I bought was a double album (Metallica) that still sells for $16 at Amazon - picked it up for $1.08. Quality was FANTASTIC (no scratches on the disk, all the booklets were there, etc). Same with DVD's.
  • xavierjaime3
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