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news - AUGUST 20 2

Samsung has announced that Skype and a handful of games are making their way to the company's smart TVs.

news - AUGUST 13 0

Skype makes it easy to call anyone online - and to look bad in a video call. Here are some simple tips for looking your best online.

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  • Skype (Kindle) - free

    Get an instant messaging app on your Kindle with Skype.

    available for : windows
  • Skype (Windows 8 ) - free

    Communicate with people online with Skype for Windows 8.

    available for : windows
  • Skype - free

    Skype for the iPhone and iPad provides access to all of Skype's services while you're on the go.

    available for : iphone os
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news - MAY 28 1

Microsoft plans to add real-time, audio translation to its Skype video conferencing platform.

Tutorial - NOVEMBER 20

When you archive your Skype conversations, the conversations are not deleted a set duration of time. For example, if you want to keep conversations...

news - AUGUST 21 4

Skype for has come out of beta, and is now available in six countries.

picture story - AUGUST 6 4

Cut down your phone and SMS bills while staying in touch with these 10 VoIP apps.

news - JUNE 18 1

Now Skype users can leave video messages with contacts that are both online and offline.

news - JUNE 7 36

First we discover that the Xbox One does indeed require an Internet connection. Now we learn that the government is monitoring our calls and online activity. What a week.

news - MAY 3 11

This "patent troll" is trying to protect the little guys.

news - APRIL 11 7

Messenger is officially assimilated into the Skype collective.

news - JANUARY 28 10

Google, Twitter, and others provide transparency reports.

picture story - JANUARY 28 10

Tips, tricks, and tweaks for getting more out of your Skype experience.

news - JANUARY 16 12

Microsoft's canning Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype... unless you're in China.

news - DECEMBER 7 1

The Skype Terms of Use now contains info about sending and receiving video messages.

news - NOVEMBER 21 7

The Windows 8 app allows users to call Messenger contacts whereas the Android version is now more visually appealing on tablets.

news - NOVEMBER 5 23

Now that Windows Live Messenger has been integrated into Skype, the death of Microsoft's long-standing IM client is coming soon.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 16

This social client merges IRC-like channels with Skype-like VoIP communication, creating a unique hybrid that may be valuable to gamers.

news - JULY 17 15

A recent version of Skype causes IMs to be forwarded to the wrong people for a select few customers. Oops!

news - JUNE 14 30

Non-subscribing Skype users making 1:1 Skype-to-Skype voice calls -- and haven't purchased Skype Credit -- will now see ads.

news - DECEMBER 4 39

Santa sets up shop in cyberspace.

news - NOVEMBER 1 16

It appears as if Skype has taken action to contain the information that is posted on the skype-open-source blog, which posts progress on a Skype reverse engineering project.

news - AUGUST 2 16

After some yo-yoing availability, Skype for iPad has finally been officially released.

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