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ZTE's Axon S Is the Weirdest Way to Kill a Notch Yet

We’ve seen smartphone companies like Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi get to all-screen smartphone designs by using a slider mechanism to pop out the selfie camera on the top of the phone.

But it looks like ZTE is taking the idea in a different direction — to the side of the phone.

Credit: Notebook Italia

(Image credit: Notebook Italia)

The Chinese company’s upcoming Axon S Android smartphone, according to alleged renders obtained by Notebook Italia show (as picked up by The Verge), will have its entire camera system (two selfie lenses and two rear lenses) embedded in a phone-length slider that emerges to left of the device when it’s picture-taking time.

Not only does the feature result in a 95-percent screen-to-body ratio by tucking away the selfie cameras, doing the same with the phone’s main shooter also leaves the back of the device completely clean.

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The Axon V, which Notebook Italia also has alleged info and images of, takes a stranger approach with its side cameras, swapping a slider for a small, stationary reverse notch on the right of the phone for a two-camera, standard-and-3D-sensing selfie lens setup. With this gimmick, the rear cameras remain on the back of the device.

Notebook Italia’s reports doesn’t have the full details on what the interestingly arranged cameras will be capable of, save for the tidbit that the Axon S’s triple cam will offer a 48-megapixel lens, a 19-MP lens and 5X optical zoom. What is included is the info that both phones will be 5G capable, and the Axon V is expected to be released in 2019.

Of course, as is the case with Chinese phone maker Huawei’s handsets, ZTE’s devices aren’t making their way to US store shelves right now. That means, for the time being, you might still be a long ways from getting your hands on a side slider phone camera.