The Washing Machine for the Bathroom

Yet another home appliance concept from Electrolux: SHINE is a washing machine designed to save as much space as possible. The two variants unveiled at the recent Eurocucina expo at Milan integrate into a bathroom cabinet or cupboard respectively.

Any similarities with other washing machines end with the circular door. The SHINE housing is ceramic, to help match it with the toilet and sink better. The door is ringed by ambient lighting (all for soothing the user according to the design team), which turns into a circular progress indicator. As the washing cycle nears completion, more of the lights turn on until they fill up the ring. The press release talked about a display embedded above the progress ring that lets users choose washing programs for different garment types, but it doesn’t show on pictures from the expo.

The concept setup shows one SHINE unit embedded right beside the kitchen sink, and another mounted directly on the wall. The depth of the wall-mounted version doesn’t advertise a high-capacity, but as a space-saving solution right in the bathroom, Electrolux's SHINE is apparently designed for piecemeal wash jobs—as a laundry hamper replacement perhaps? At the very least, stuffing clothes into a washing machine without bending down will be a plus for many a bad back.

Will the appliance company actually turn SHINE into a retail product? Your guess is as good as mine, but stay tuned for any updates on this as they arrive.

Electrolux SHINE Laundry Concept Launched in Milan

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  • drwho1
    This looks a lot like an XBOX Read ring and everything...
  • mlopinto2k1
    I would just buy one really nice outfit to wear forever and wash it every night. :)
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  • Parsian
    it looks cool and very compact
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux"

    If you haven't heard that one look it up!
  • rakizzta
    a space saver decoration????
    looks like an artwork on he wall