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Hovering Phone Charger Takes You Back to the Future

If you were as deeply disappointed as I was to learn that those defunct (and often flammable) hoverboards did not, in fact, hover, maybe this new gadget will fill your floaty void.

The OvRcharge, launched on Kickstarter by AR Designs, is a wireless phone charger that actually levitates and spins your device while charging it. If the campaign reaches its fundraising goal, you could revamp your phone charger game — even though that's not something you necessarily needed.

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The design is simple enough — the charging base on the OvRcharge is a wooden block outfitted with a chip for wireless power transfer using wave transmission. But unlike any other wireless charging base, the OvRcharge also uses "magnetic levitation." A special magnetic case straps to the back of your phone and can hover a device up to 600 grams using opposing magnetic forces.

According to the Kickstarter page, the OvRcharge currently supports multiple generations of the iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG and Huawei phones, with plans to add more models. The charger also works for most tablets.

While the charger is aesthetically pleasing (and will probably give you some Back to the Future vibes) it's not actually wireless — the charging base still has to be plugged in, meaning it's not very portable. And while the spinning feature is also super-futuristic, we can't help but think that probably makes it impossible to actually use your device while it charges. But hey, as far as party tricks go, the OvRcharge would definitely be a good one.

As of today, the campaign has almost reached its fundraising goal of $30,885 and offers early bird pre-order specials for project backers from $229. The final product is estimated to ship in December.