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Hardcore iOS Games: Infinity Blade Vs. Rage HD

Infinity Blade

Epic's Unreal Engine 3 has ruled the PC and console space, and it has already been ported to the iOS platform for devices running the ARM Cortex A8 and PowerVR SGX 535 (or Apple A4). The free Epic Citadel demo was technically impressive, but now the first real game running Unreal Engine 3 is available, in your pocket.

Developed by Chair, a company best known for its Xbox Live Arcade games Shadow Complex and Undertow, the iOS game is called Infinity Blade – and is easily the most impressive looking mobile game available today on any smartphone platform, surpassing even the impressive Rage Mutant Bash TV from id.

Infinity Blade is essentially a brawler: your character faces off against one opponent at a time. Player controls are quite simple. Attacks are performed through swiping motions on the screen, and dodging and blocking are done by hitting the bottom parts of the screen. Special attacks and magic are activated by tapping the top parts of the screen.

The gameplay mechanics are very simple and learned entirely through the on-screen help. Hardcore gamers may be frustrated at how restrictive the simple controls are, but that's the nature of having all inputs through a touch-screen.

Nearly all the combat follows a defense-then-offense pattern, whereby the player must first either parry, block, or dodge the attacks, and then counterattack when the opportunity arises. After the enemy is open to attack, what usually follows is a frantic flurry of swiping motions on the screen to get in as many attacks as possible. With enough screen rubbing, the enemy eventually falls and you move on to the next one-on-one battle.

From there, your character gains experience for every battle won, which leads to leveling up to where you can allocate points to increasing health, attack, defense, magic – giving Infinity Blade some light RPG elements.

Gold found and won can also be spent on purchasing new items, though your character will happen along new inventory by searching the treasure chests that populate each level.


  • Infinity Blade
  • Maziar
    Both look really great,it shows mobile gaming is moving in the right direction IMO
  • sabot00
    Rage for the win, can't wait for the PC.
  • MxM
    "Xbox 350"? is this some joke I miss?