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Google is the Most Valuable Brand in the World

When you think of brands, perhaps names like BMW or Apple come to mind. After all, those are the type of brands where owners of its products tend to feel extra special about ownership.

You may be surprised to learn, then, that the most valuable brand in the world is none other than Google. It may not have the prestige of the other "luxury" brands, but according to BrandFinance, the Google brand is worth $44.3 billion.

BrandFinance says that the comparatively un-commercial ventures such as developing services help rescue efforts following the natural disasters in New Zealand and Japan have done much to boost Google to the very top.

In second place is Microsoft, which is there easily because it's the largest software maker in the world. The Windows maker climbed up from number five to be second to Google.

In third place is Walmart, which was actually in top spot in 2010. While its brand value isn't at the same level as many of the top 10 brands, its retail presence keeps it as one of the biggest.

IBM kept its place at fourth, as it is still one of the most trusted technology and innovation companies in the world.

Apple made a huge leap to eighth place, up from 20th last year. If you see people plastering those white Apple logo stickers all over places they shouldn't be, it's because the brand is worth nearly $30 billion.

Check out the full list at BrandFinance.