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This Cork Speaker Will Get You Drunk on Tunes

Gift shoppers sifting the web for the best Bluetooth speaker have a novel option up for grabs on Kickstarter: a bottle-mounted device expected to come out just in time for the holidays.

Credit: Leedeyeon

(Image credit: Leedeyeon)

Whether it's mounted to a wine, liquor, soda or even water bottle, the Cork Speaker, from New York-based startup Leedeyeon, amplifies sound using the air within the bottle, playing music from a paired smartphone.

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And luckily for the tipsy drinker prone to spilling, a silicon cradle that the speaker rests on to attach it to the bottle can be removed and washed.

While its first round of 100 early backers will pay $38 for one of the speakers if and when they're manufactured and shipped, a second round of 100 backers can get one for $43, after which they'll cost $48 each.

While Leedeyeon promotes the speaker as an environmentally conscious purchase, we doubt that those who go through their wine, beer, liquor or soda bottles quickly will have any reason to keep those bottles.

Either way, the novelty device comes in black red, silver and white and can play music for about 10 hours on a two-hour charge. Plus, it's much more useful and attractive than than the old bottle used as a candlestick covered in colored wax.

Leedeyeon promises to ship the Cork Speaker in December, as soon as it receives its Kickstarter funding.