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Larry Page Asked SVP Vic Gundotra to Stop Tweeting

Google executive Vic Gundotra dropped over Twitter quite a while ago. In fact, he hasn't tweeted in nearly 18 months. His last tweet was July 2011. Apparently, the reason for his radio silence on the micro-blogging site isn't that he's been having way too much fun on Google+ that he's had barely any time for Twitter. Apparently, he was actually asked to stop tweeting by none other than Larry Page.

BGR cites Gundotra as saying his boss had asked him to stop using the service because of one tweet he had sent out regarding the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia. "Two turkeys do not make an eagle," he posted on February 8, 2011. He has only tweeted four times since then, the last one sent in July of 2011.

"I tweeted a tweet about two companies that went viral, went very very viral and made a lot of headline news," he explains. "And honestly, I didn’t anticipate that my comments would be interpreted in the way they were interpreted."

BGR writes that Gundotra said he still checks his Twitter every now and then. If you need your Gundotra fix, the senior vice president is a very active G+ user and occasionally posts photos captured using unannounced Nexus devices. 

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