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HTC Goes Phone Crazy: Legend, Desire, HD Mini

First up is the successor for the HTC Hero, the Legend. This is the phone everyone was talking about last week, so there's definitely an air of excitement around this one. Running Android 2.1, you're looking at a 3.2-inch AMOLED HVGA and an optical, joystick-style trackball, which is surrounded by a clickable button.

Right now, details are scant. The phone itself looks like most of the other HTC phone we've seen over the last year or so, but with one very big difference. The Legend is fashioned from a single piece of aluminum, a la the new line of MacBook Pros. HTC even goes as far as to refer to it as a unibody HTC. The Legend will be available in Europe through Vodafone, starting in April. Asia and 'other parts of the world' should see it in 'early Q2.'

Next up is the Desire. A little bigger than the Legend, the Desire's 3.7 inch AMOLED WVGA is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and is Adobe Flash 10.1 ready. It uses the same joystick/trackball as the Legend and is basically the Nexus One but without Google. It also boasts HTC's Sense UI, which is not present on the Nexus One. HTC Desire will be broadly available to customers across major European and Asian markets in early Q2 and exclusively available in Australia through Telstra.

Lastly, you've got the HTC HD Mini, the only Windows Mobile phone of the bunch. Running WinMo 6.5.3, the device is a stripped down version of the HD2. The HD Mini is to the HD2 as the Pixi is to the Pre. It packs a 3.2-inch HVGA display and on tops of Windows Mobile, boasts HTC's Sense UI. Details on this little smartphone are pretty thin on the ground, but it's set for a European and Asian release in April so more details should come about before then.

Check out videos of all three new phones here.

  • dman3k
    HTC FTW!
  • Yuka
    They look quite nice...

    Any more info on the specs?

    Does it call, btw? xD!

  • JohnnyLucky
    Is there no end to the current flood of small hand held devices?
  • Just what the world needs...more cell phones...
  • dlux
    Europe, Asia, Europe, Asia, Australia. Where's the North America love?
  • blackened144
    HTC's new phones are pretty nice. When I got my iPhone over 2 years ago, the best HTC phone out was the Tilt, which was junk. Since I had the HTC 8525, I didnt consider getting the exact same phone that simply tilted to be a major upgrade from that phone. Unless the new iPhone coming out this summer is worth upgrading too, I will likely be getting one of these HTC phones. And unless Windows Phone 7 comes out, it will likely be one running Android.
  • g00ey
    These phones are freakin' ugly.
  • apmyhr
    g00eyThese phones are freakin' ugly.Your right, these are hideously ugly. They don't have an Apple logo on the back. Yuck!