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Customizing Fan and Business Pages on Facebook

Create Custom Tabs from Scratch

If you require even more customization than what’s provided by the iFrame apps discussed on the previous page, you can create a custom tab from scratch. It lets you point to and display any webpage on the Internet by specifying its URL, so this is best if you already have your own website or hosting server. It’s similar to iFrame Apps, but you can choose the tab icon displayed on your Page. While this method actually involves creating a Facebook app, it doesn’t require any coding or programming experience beyond the same basic HTML understanding required when working with the iFrame apps.

First, add the Facebook Developers app to your personal Facebook account (or one that’s assigned as an administer to your Page) and click the Set Up New App button to get started. If you haven’t already, you’ll have to perform an account verification using your mobile phone or credit card.

Here are the chief app settings you need to define, organized by the setting tabs:


    Icon: Shown for your custom tab when added to your Page.


    Site URL (

    Site Domain (

Facebook Integration:

    Canvas Page: enter a page name to be used for your Facebook URL.

    Canvas URL: enter the URL that Facebook will pull in your iFrame content. In other words, this should point to a webpage on your separate website ( that you want displayed on your custom tab of your Page. Keep in mind this can’t point to a main domain, it must point to a directory. Thus you’ll have to have an index webpage uploaded to the directory.

    Secure Canvas URL: should point to the HTTPS URL ( of the same page. If you don’t have your own SSL certificate, you may be able to use the one from your website host (https://

    Tab Name: enter what you want should as the name of the tab in the left column on your Page.

    Tab URL: enter the same as you did for the Canvas URL.

    Secure Tab URL: enter the same as you did for the Secure Canvas URL.

To add the app (custom tab) to your Page, visit the My Apps page of your developer account, click the Application Profile Page link, and then click the Add to My Page link from the left column.