RIM: Active Multitasking Will Differentiate BlackBerry 10

RIM is depending considerably on its upcoming mobile operating system BlackBerry 10, and it believes one reason for its potential success is the platform offering an active frames multitasking feature.

Minimizing apps on smartphones and then navigating through several screens to open new ones is frustrating to say the least. Active Frames, however, creates a batch of minimized windows on screens showcasing all of the currently running apps to BlackBerry 10 users. It then lets users scroll through them without the requirement of returning to a central home screen and clicking on icons.

"What we’re trying to do is streamline [the multitasking] process, break down the silos that exist between a lot of those applications … and introduce a new flow to the whole user experience paradigm," Jeff Gadway, RIM’s senior manager of brand and marketing communications, said. "That’s something we’re confident is going to set us apart… It’s all about trying to put information that you’re going to need at your fingertips so you don’t have to go looking for it."

VentureBeat stressed that the component won't necessarily be a major feature if RIM can’t gain the support for key apps such as Instagram upon BlackBerry 10's launch. Gadway, however, stated that 99 percent of developers who are in possession of prototypes “have indicated that they’ve started work building for BlackBerry 10.”

While RIM has said it is on target to release BlackBerry 10 during the early stages of 2013, an analyst recently suggested the mobile operating system will release during March at the earliest instead of a launch shortly after the New Year.


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  • WHComp
    I know I am a very very tiny minority, but I still have a blackberry. I was too lazy to learn a new OS last time I upgraded and now I am stuck with a very dated phone, but it works for me.

    For that reason, I may have to give this new one a try before I switch to Android.
  • Kami3k
    Even as a fan of Android, I really hope RIM does great with BlackBerry 10. More competition the better. Especially since Androids only competition atm actively is against any competition...
  • Anonymous
    ..What? Android already had this, and starting with Jelly Bean, has that exact functionality in a polished form. How is BB10 supposed to differentiate itself with this?