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Ring's Floodlight Cam Lets You See the Light -- and Crooks

Ring, which made its name with a video doorbell that lets you see who's skulking around your porch, has just come out with a product that secures another area of your home. The Ring Floodlight Cam, announced this week at CES, replaces that outdoor light attached to your house with a motion-triggered floodlight that also happens to feature an HD video camera.

What's New: "We've always talked about building around three rings of security," said Ring founder Jamie Siminoff when I spoke to him ahead of CES about the Floodlight Cam.

Ring's first two products — the Ring Video Doorbell and the Ring Stick Up Cam — secured your front door and outside of your home, respectively. The Floodlight Cam, which includes a 100dB siren in addition to the 270-degree motion detection that turns on its LED lights, extends that protection into the neighborhood.

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Key Specs: The Floodlight Cam records 1080p video. Other noteworthy features include night vision, two-way audio and optional cloud recording. Like other Ring products, the Floodlight Cam can stream video to your phone so you can monitor things — and send loiterers scattering with that alarm — even when you're not at home. It's part of establishing your presence even when you're not there, Siminoff explains, which goes a long way to helping prevent crime.

Just as appealing to homeowners who balk at DIY projects, though, is the Floodlight Cam's easy installation, which should be no more difficult than putting in a regular motion-detection light. The only difference here is that you'll pair your new light with your Wi-Fi network.

Pricing and Availability: You can order the Floodlight Cam today for $249 at Ring's website. The product starts shipping in April.

Outlook: The Ring Floodlight Cam debuts with a higher price than some of our other top-rated security cams. But it can at least counter with low cloud video recording costs. Ring charges $3 a month, discounting that to $30 a year if you sign up for an annual plan.