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In-flight Internet To Return For $10


Chicago (IL) - Travelling on an airplane within the U.S. means that you lose Internet connectivity as soon as your plane leaves the gate. Since Boeing’s shutdown of Connexion, travelers have been left without Internet access, but it seems that in-flight Internet is making a comeback as we are approaching the end of the decade.

There have been several companies that announced new Internet technologies for planes over the past years and AirCell is the first to have crossed the finish line with its GoGo service.

Unlike Connexion, GoGo is described as a more compact service that will not impact the fuel consumption of an airplane. GoGo service will be available only through American Airlines and Virgin America initially. American said it will be installing the technology in 15 Boeing 767 aircrafts used for flights within U.S. Virgin will put AirCell equipment into its entire fleet (22 Airbus A319/320) by the end of this year.

American will charge $9.95 for the service on flights of 3 hours or less, while there will be a $12.95 charge on longer flights. AirCell has cooperations with Wi-Fi companies, so there is a chance that you will be able to purchase subscriptions through AT&T or T-Mobile as well.

Initially, American will offer GoGo service on flights from New York to Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco. Virgin America will offer GoGo service on flights from San Francisco to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Seattle and Washington D.C.