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Here’s What Cortana Will Do in Devices

SEATTLE – Microsoft released details about its Cortana Skill Kit for developers at its Build conference, giving us our first hints at what the assistant will be able to do in hardware like Harman Kardon’s Invoke speaker, as well as future devices like cars.

The first partners, per the website, include Domino’s Pizza, OpenTable, weather app Dark Sky, tech news site VentureBeat and a drink-making app called Bartender.

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Dark Sky, for example, will allow you to ask for the weather forecast while Domino’s will let you place new orders or have an old favorite from your Domino’s profile delivered. You can see the full list of skills here.

The first Cortana device will be Harman Kardon’s Invoke speaker, which releases this fall. HP has also partnered with Microsoft to develop its own hardware. Microsoft needs to entice developers to create as many skills as possible to compete with Amazon’s Alexa, which has over 10,000 skills.

On stage, Microsoft's Laura Jones showed off a demo where she used an Invoke speaker and Cortana to set her calendar, notify her boss of time off and even send her notifications to her car.  In her car, she got traffic data and continued to talk to Cortana about people who would be involved in an upcoming meeting.

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