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Act Fast: Jackery Bolt Charger Just $25

Jackery Portable Charger
(Image credit: Amazon)

Jackery makes some of the best portable chargers on the market. They're stylish, very portable, and they do a fast job of juicing up our gadgets when they're almost drained. 

Amazon has a few of our favorite Jackery chargers on sale at the moment. High on the list is the Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh for $25.49. That's $4 off and the cheapest price we've seen for it. The discount is only on the Black model, but that's ok by us. Other Jackery chargers secretly on sale include: 

Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh: was $30 now $25.49 @ Amazon
The Bolt has built-in Lightning and micro USB cables, which makes it the perfect all-in-one device for most users. The rarely discounted charger is now at its cheapest price ever. View Deal

Jackery Supercharge 26800: was $159 now $99 @ Amazon
The Supercharge 26800 mAH can be used on its own or plugged into a wall to charge laptops and more. Click the on-page coupon to drop its price to an all-time low of $99.99 at final checkout. View Deal

Jackery Laptop Charger: was $149.99 now $129.99 @ Amazon
From your Galaxy smartphone to your MacBook Pro, the Jackery PowerBar can charge just about any portable device thanks to its 23200 mAH battery. Clip the on-page coupon to drop its price to $129.99 during final checkout. View Deal

Jackery Portable Charger Bar: was $25 now $16.99 @ Amazon
Unlike the Jackery Bolt, this bar-shaped charger doesn't have built-in cables. What it does have is a built-in LED flashlight. The Black model is on sale for just $16.99.  View Deal

The Jackery Bolt packs a 6,000 mAh battery inside, which should be enough to recharge an iPhone up to three times before it needs to be replenished. It's also perfect for weekend getaways because it has built-in Lightning and micro USB cables. That saves you from having to pack your own. 

In our hands-on testing, it refilled our (very old) Galaxy S8 to 81% in an hour. It was also able to recharge our iPhone 8 to 63% in the same time. Its smooth and rounded exterior also makes it super portable. 

Amazon has a few other Jackery chargers on sale, such as the Jackery Supercharge 26800 mAH Portable Charger for $99.99 (click the on-page coupon to see this price at final checkout). The charger can be used on its own or double as a 45W wall charger. Just make sure to act fast as Amazon's Jackery sale can end any day. 

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