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Bitdefender Premium Security in action.
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While browsing the web, it’s paramount that your data and activity remain private. If your privacy is compromised, details about you and your online activities may end up in the hands of shady individuals. Therefore, having strong privacy protection should be a top priority. 

If you’re in need of a trustworthy and high quality software package that will ensure your privacy remains intact, look no further than Bitdefender Premium Security. Not only will it guarantee your privacy online, but it will also provide cutting-edge system and network security as well — all without any system performance loss. 

 Ironclad privacy protection 


The defining features of Bitdefender Premium Security are its privacy safeguards, all of which work in tandem to prevent breaches. The most notable of these features is Bitdefender’s incredible VPN. With Bitdefender Premium Security, you can enjoy unlimited use of the VPN, which encrypts all of your internet traffic while also offering over 1,300 different servers to connect to so that you can always utilize top speeds regardless of where you are.

Additionally, the VPN comes with an anti-tracker that prevents websites from tracking your data, and Bitdefender Premium Security itself comes with special monitors for your microphone and webcam that will block unwanted attempts to access them and then alert you. There’s also a special online banking browser, too, which is specifically designed to secure transactions and eliminate any chance of fraud. 

Bitdefender Premium Security also offers two manual privacy-focused tools that you can use: a Password Manager and a File Shredder. The Password Manager allows you to put your passwords in an virtually impenetrable cyber-vault, and you can also use it to autofill forms online, which is very convenient. Meanwhile, the File Shredder allows you to permanently get rid of any files on your system that you don’t want. Unlike standard deletion that often leaves behind residual data, deletions through the File Shredder are extremely thorough. This guarantees that you won’t have to worry about someone finding your information by looking through the remnants of deleted files.

 Best-in-class security measures 


Bitdefender Premium Security doesn’t just stop at privacy. It goes the whole nine yards, and with it, you will be protected from viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, spyware, rootkits, and zero-day exploits. These safeguards are proactive in nature, and as a result, attacks from e-threats will be halted before they even begin. Also, these measures work on both the system and network level, meaning that no part of your setup will be vulnerable. 

It’s also important to highlight that Bitdefender Premium Security protects your system while you’re browsing the web as well. This is thanks to its web protection services. For example, the Web Attack Prevention feature can be used to identify if a website is safe to visit before you click on its link. If it isn’t, the website will be blocked and you’ll be notified. Web Attack Prevention is geared to detect phishing and fraud, so with Bitdefender Premium Security, you’ll never have to worry about these threats again. Also, people who hate dealing with spam email and its associated risks will love the included spam filter.

If you’re the type of user who likes to perform manual scans, Bitdefender Premium Security has you covered with its Vulnerability Assessment feature. It scans your entire system and searches for vulnerabilities, which can include outdated software, missing updates for Windows, and risky system settings that leave a chink in your system’s armor. It will then suggest an optimized and safe fix for any vulnerabilities found so that you can shore up your defenses. 

 All the security, none of the performance loss 


Unlike many other cybersecurity services, Bitdefender Premium Security won’t negatively impact your system’s performance. This is because it has several measures that are designed to allow things like the VPN and the security measures to run without hogging system resources. Bitdefender Autopilot, for example, provides security optimization suggestions that are based on your use patterns.

Meanwhile, Bitdefender Photon enables the software suite to adapt to your system hardware. This ultimately results in optimized, speedy performance. There are also special profiles that load when you game, view media and video, or engage with productivity programs. These profiles allow Bitdefender to tweak itself so that the best overall performance is always achieved regardless of what you’re doing. We can’t forget Battery Mode either, which helps laptops and tablets get the most out of their charges.

 Fortify your private data like never before 

Bitdefender Premium Security in action.

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 Right now, we’re spending more time online for work, school, and play than ever before. As a result, it’s crucial to protect your private data while you browse the web. Between its stellar privacy safeguards, extremely effective security measures, and performance optimization features, it’s clear that Bitdefender Premium Security is best-in-class when it comes to providing the user with unrivaled protection. There’s never been a better time to use Bitdefender Premium Security, either, as a one-year subscription for 10 devices only costs $59.99 right now. Considering that subscription is normally $149.99, that’s a fantastic deal.  

Bitdefender Premium Security

Bitdefender Premium Security

With its top-notch security features, stellar privacy protection, and performance-saving enhancements, Bitdefender Premium Security stands as one of the best pieces of security software ever.