Discover the phone the Galaxy Z Fold5 would love to be

The new HONOR Magic V2 raises the bar for folding phones with its incredible slim and light design: check out the video by @JerryRigEverything, which shows how the Magic is made and how it compares to key rivals, including Samsung. As we're sure you'll agree after watching the video, the HONOR Magic V2 is the phone we're sure the Galaxy Z Fold 5 would love to be.

Feel the Magic

The HONOR Magic V2 is the slimmest, lightest flagship book-style foldable – and it also has significant improvements in its design, its battery, its display and its user experience. With over 210 technical challenges solved, it's a huge leap forward that really raises the bar for folding phones.

Let's start with the outside. At just 9.9mm folded compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 5's 13.4mm, it's not just thin. It's the thinnest book-style foldable made to date. And at just 231g compared to Samsung's 253g, it's also one of the lightest. In fact, it's lighter than many traditional flagship phones too.

The secret is in the metal: two of them, to be precise. There's a super-light titanium hinge made from aerospace-grade alloy, and the hinge mechanism also incorporates HONOR's proprietary steel, which is 25% thinner and 20% lighter than the metal used in the Magic's predecessor. That means it can withstand over 400,000 folds. If you were to fold and unfold your phone 100 times a day, that hinge would still be going strong after a decade of daily use.

More room for what matters

HONOR Magic V2

(Image credit: HONOR)

The HONOR Magic V2's screens are bigger than the Samsung's too. On the outside, the OLED display is bigger and brighter than its rival, with a huge 6.43 inches of screen delivering much higher resolution – 2,376 x 1,060 compared to 904 x 2,316 – and much higher brightness too, peaking at 2,500 nits compared to the Samsung's 1,750. That's particularly important in bright daylight: the brighter the display the easier it is to see in sunlight.

The screen inside is bigger and sharper too, delivering 2,344 x 2,156 pixels to the Samsung's 1,812 x 2,176. The display is 7.92 inches to Samsung's 7.6 inches, and it has 3840Hz PWM dimming with TÜV Rheinland Flicker Free Certification to keep your eyes bright and fresh through even the longest days. The HONOR Magic V2 uses dynamic light that resembles natural light, reducing eye fatigue by as much as 18%, and its Circadian Night Display can increase melatonin levels – which helps you sleep longer and better – by up to 20%.

More power for even the longest days

Guess what: the battery's bigger too, despite HONOR managing to make the Magic V2 both thinner and lighter than its rival. Where the Samsung has a 4,400mAh LI-Po battery, the HONOR Magic V2 has a 5,000mAh Silicon-carbon battery with HONOR's famed SuperCharge technology, delivering a whopping 66W of charging power. Silicon batteries deliver even better energy density than similar batteries, enabling more power from smaller, more efficient battery packs.

That's not all. The HONOR Magic V2 also boasts cutting-edge cooling technology to efficiently disperse heat and maximise efficiency, and HONOR's pioneering low-voltage charge-gathering technology raises the bar for smartphone power management. It can deliver up to three times the electrical output of traditional graphite-based systems, delivering up to 240% more power.

The folding phone that feels like Magic

HONOR Magic V2 family

(Image credit: HONOR)

HONOR continues to raise the bar for smartphone technology, and at this year's IFA show it's going to reveal all kinds of cutting-edge tech that'll inform and inspire the folding phones of the future. Click here to see the show and here to discover more about the incredible HONOR Magic V2.