Shut out the cold with this smart and safe personal space heater

Dreo Personal Space Heater
(Image credit: Dreo)

Whether you’re working or playing, crafting or relaxing, your comfort at home is critical. The colder winter months ahead of us can make it hard to maintain that comfort especially if we’ve got drafty windows, old and unreliable central air, or unpredictable radiators. 

Dreo understands the importance of a comfortable home life and the way modern technology can help you achieve it. Each of Dreo’s products is designed for more sophisticated modern living, and the Dreo Personal Space Heater is here to make your life more comfortable when the cold is trying to creep in. Its space heater is designed not only to provide warmth but also to do so safely, offering a number of features to avoid a variety of accidents.

A personal space heater makes it easy to always find yourself at a comfortable temperature. You don’t have to wait for the whole room to heat up from a primary heating source, and you also don’t need to waste a bunch of energy to heat up your whole home when you might just need a bit of warmth in a single spot. The Dreo Personal Space Heater provides this convenience and a whole lot more.

Despite its compact size, the Dreo Personal Space Heater can offer 1500W of heating power, and you can dial it in to the exact temperature you want from 41 to 95 Degrees with its adjustable digital thermostat. A nine-blade fan will push air past the ceramic heating elements and warm you up in a snap. And, thanks to its small size, the Dreo Personal Space Heater is incredibly easy to take with you throughout the house.

Dreo didn’t just focus on making things hot, though. The Dreo Personal Space Heater offers some handy features and demonstrates a focus on comfort and safety as well. 

The space heater can blow directly on you, or it can oscillate 70 degrees to help share its heating with multiple people sitting nearby. Setting the space heater up is also easy with a convenient carrying handle, easy-to-use controls on the top of the unit, and a clear digital display on the front of the heater.

Dreo Personal Space Heater

(Image credit: Dreo)

With four operating modes, you can go for max heat, balanced heating, a more power-friendly setting, or even just run the fan. You also have the option of running the heater on a timer for up to 12 hours, letting you set it up to help you get to sleep without running it all night. With a 40dB operation, the Dreo Personal Space Heater is quiet enough to just fade into the background.

Of course, it’s important to know that your heating source is safe, too. Dreo has made numerous considerations in the safety of its design. From V0 flame retardant materials and a specially designed plug to resist melting and bending, the heater is built to handle high temps.

Dreo has also included an automatic cut-off if the heater detects a temperature over 122 degrees, as might happen if something falls on top of the heater and covers it up. The heater will also stop running if the internal gyroscope senses the heater has tipped over. In that case, it will also turn on a buzzer to alert you to the problem. There’s also a removable, hand-washable metal mesh filter to prevent small particles, like dust and pet hair, from getting pulled into the heating elements.

So, this winter, you can get warm and comfortable while taking comfort knowing you’ve got a smart, modern heater from Dreo that’ll provide a convenient and safe way to fight off the cold. With Dreo, you’re getting smart and sophisticated technology for a more convenient, modern lifestyle. So, see the Dreo Personal Space Heater on Amazon here