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Acer Packs the Athlon64, More Fire Power Under Its Ferrari 3200 Notebook's Hood

A Feast For The Eyes: The Ferrari 3200 In Pictures, Continued

Acer has included an optical notebook mouse for users who prefer to work with a mouse instead of the touch pad. It can be stowed away in its own small black bag when you're on the road.

For everyday use, the four keys to the top right of the keyboard prove very handy. They can be used to launch frequently used applications at the touch of a button.

Keys are programmable with a tool included in the package.

Connector for the modem and network cables

On the rear of the casing to the right is the modem and a network cable connector. Besides the standard 10/100Mbit, the integrated NIC from Broadcom also supports operation on a 1 GBit network.

Scarcity value: Connection for standard printer cable

It is possible to play back video DVD on a TV set using the corresponding video cable plugged into the S-Video output on the back of the unit. Acer has even the furnished the Ferrari 3200 with a port to connect a standard printer cable - a rare thing indeed on a notebook. The device thus leaves absolutely nothing to desire as far as extra interfaces go.

The memory upgrade shouldn't cause too many problems even for the layperson - provided that only a partial upgrade is planned. That's because a free SO-DIMM socket is located on the bottom of the case for easy access. Meanwhile, the other socket is hidden under the keyboard. So if you want to equip your racer with the maximum RAM, your next stop is to call in the service department.

The paint job on the display cover could use some improvement, because after just a few days of ferrying it back and forth between the office and home, our test device already sported a few conspicuous scratches.